Olivia Palermo on the One Piece That Ensures She Looks Put Together

Olivia Palermo has many design collaborations on her fashion CV, but her latest hookup is perhaps her greatest yet, as she has created the perfect bucket bag with Meli Melo in five signature OP colours.

"When it comes to handbags, I look for quality and structure," Olivia explains. "That's the first thing—the longevity of the bag, and how it will age. What I have always liked about Meli Melo is that it has a great structure, and for the price point, it's great quality." The two top-handle buckets with gold charms come in burgundy, baby pink, white, black and red, and Olivia says of her favourite colours: "I love burgundy for all year—it can be so pretty with all-white or a white shirt, and I love the light pink as well—that's really pretty and great with denim."



Meli Melo

On Olivia Palermo: Meli Melo Severine Bucket Bag Red (£600).

Olivia Palermo has built an entire career around her signature polished style, but other than her perma blow-dry, there is one item she relies on to look put together at all times. "A great tuxedo jacket," Olivia tells me over the phone. "It's so versatile—you can wear it with a T-shirt and a white button-down or for the evening."

You might think you need an uptown budget to be able to replicate OP's masterful wardrobe, but she actually wears just as much Zara as she does Valentino. So what is her trick to finding the best pieces in Zara first? "I think, as with anything, when you shop you should go in with an open mind. See what could work in your closet, and create a look on the spot—be open-minded. I'm not one to go in with a specific agenda." The best piece she has ever found in Zara, although she has "many," is a "light flesh Spring overcoat—I've have had it for many years, and it's great."



Meli Melo

On Olivia Palermo: Sanayi Embroidered Silk Slippers (£949); Meli Melo Severine Bucket Bag Liquorice Black (£600).

So if Zara no longer existed, which other affordable brands would fill the shopping gap? "I have always loved getting my tuxedos from Reiss, and they have been very versatile; I also love Topshop and my collection for Banana Republic—I tend to lean on them for accessories." 



Meli Melo

On Olivia Palermo: Meli Melo Severine Bucket Bag White (£600); Jimmy Choo Gala Slippers (£395).

Olivia's two essential pieces this summer are "a great button-down shirt" and her Givenchy flats with chains around them, however, there is one trend she can't get on board with. Leggings. "When I am wearing a gym kit—it's me walking the dog, and when I wear athleisure, I think it's only appropriate for the gym, to be quite honest. I go between Koral and Nike leggings. You can, if you're feeling sporty, take a sweatshirt or something, but keep the leggings for the gym. In our world, everything is so casual, and it's important to remind yourself to be appropriately dressed for your environment and have fun with fashion."