We Know Which Colours Olivia Palermo Will Be Wearing This Autumn

While summer isn't officially over until September 21 (we're clinging on for dear life), we're already noticing that the weather had gotten decidedly chillier. No more cold-shoulder tops for us *sobs in a corner lamenting the end of warm weather.* But, there is good news. With the changing season, it means we can start to invest in a new wardrobe. 

Olivia Palermo is clearly thinking the same thing as us (great minds, OP) with her new Chelsea28 collection. The fashion star, who has already collaborated with the brand once before, was interviewed about the new range, including revealing what colours she'll definitely be wearing this autumn. 

"I'm excited for rich tones like burgundy. I also love using a neutral colour palette when incorporating different textures such as suede," Palermo said to Harper's Bazaar

She also talked about which decade inspired this collab, and what surprising details we can expect. To find out, we suggest you keep scrolling for more Palermo fashion advice.



Sold exclusively at Nordstrom, the Olivia Palermo Chelsea28 collection is influenced by the '70s and will include menswear-inspired pieces with lots of tailoring. But fear not, there's still lots for the more romantic, girly side of you with plenty of materials like chiffon and lace being used.

"I love a tailored menswear look," said Palermo about the upcoming range. "This collection has many pieces that can be worn from day to night, but I personally love the navy suspenders the most."

So then, we'll be wearing burgundy, navy, and, er, suspenders (as in ones for your trousers, not that type). We'd be lying if we said we'd predicted the final trend, but if OP says it's good, then you know it's good. 

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