9 Things Olivia Palermo Never, Ever Wears

Olivia Palermo is always up for trying new trends and brands, but she tends to play favourites and wear her most-loved pieces and designers on repeat. Given that Valentino Garavani is a close friend, can you blame her? We've talked at length about what Palermo loves to wear, but what about the things we've noticed she hardly wears at all? While you may find some internet evidence of her wearing some of these things, our research found those instances to be infrequent or dated. That said, the fact that she seems to have ditched these things for the time being, doesn't mean that they won't make their way back into her closet again—we all go through phases with our wardrobes. Some of these could even be purely coincidental. Curious?

Read on to see everything from the colour Olivia Palermo resists to the jacket style she's never spotted in, and shop the items she wears instead. 

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Opening Image: Getty Images