Olivia Palermo Is Really Into This Practical Boot Trend

It's a fact of the fashion world that Olivia Palermo has impeccable style, and we often take our wardrobe cues from her ensembles. Whether she's demonstrating how to wear the latest accessory or the right way to do double denim, OP is one of the shining examples of taking on trends in the most accessible ways.

The most recent look that Palermo is championing? The hiking boot. The practical footwear has been slowly making its way into our wardrobes for some time, but now a host of designers and high-street stores have created boots that are just as good for a chic street style look, as they are for, erm, actually hiking. 

On OliviaPalermo.com the style icon is championing the boot, saying "while this silhouette typically puts function over fashion, designers are giving it its very own couture moment." And we couldn't agree more. Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite hiking boots right now. 

Classic hiking boots that will look incredible with cropped jeans. 

These are a great mash-up of the brogue and hiking boot if you want something a little more 'city' and a little less 'outdoorsy.' 

High-street options can be just as good. 

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