Olivia Palermo Thinks It's Boring to Dress Like This

When a style icon of Olivia Palermo's stature doles out fashion advice, you know it's worthwhile. Palermo's sartorial words of wisdom came in the form of a feature interview with Flare Magazine, in which she discusses everything from her take on social media at fashion shows (put your phones away and focus!), to her long-term goal of owning a skiwear brand. When the interview turned to the topic of head-to-runway looks, Palermo proclaimed, "how boring!"

Though Palermo is part of the elite crowd with both the access and funds to afford the most sought-after high-end items, it's refreshing to hear her eschew the notion of dressing exclusively in designer duds. We happen to agree with her that no matter how much money you have, there's nothing interesting about dressing in dollar signs. We much prefer Palermo's artful, signature mixing of high and low items.

Head here to check out the rest of her interview, and check out our post on whether you have to be rich to keep up in fashion.

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