Your Definitive Guide to Olivia Palermo's Favourite Fashion Brands

Olivia Palermo's list of favourite brands is something that every adoring style fan (read: all of us) should know about and be able to repeat, mantra-like, on demand. Has she ever put a foot wrong? No. Does she always introduce us to new labels? Yes. Can she wear the high street better than any other A-lister we know? Affirmative. Should you know all of her go-to labels? Absolutely.

OP has many a tried-and-tested formula for putting said top brands together too: a loose blouse with skinny jeans and ballet pumps sounds classic, but with styling nous and an unexpected twist here and there, it'll be far from safe. She's forever mixing price points—wearing statement pieces like a dress from Self-Portrait to A-list events, for example—and isn't afraid to combine colours, prints, textures within one look and with items pulled from her roster of go-to designers. When Olivia locates a fashion piece she loves, she'll wear it repeatedly yet manage to remain perpetually on trend, without appearing to follow any. Keep scrolling to see a list of Olivia Palermo's favourite fashion brands—and how she wears them so well.