Olivia Palermo's Surprising Secret for Getting Dressed the RIGHT Way

As far as little tips and tricks about getting dressed are concerned, we pretty much thought we had heard it all. Then, as is her norm, Olivia Palermo had to come along and blow our minds again—the style star talked to People magazine about her new ad campaign for skincare brand La Mer, and in the interview she revealed something quite life-changing: she sometimes accessorizes before getting dressed.

“I always find when a woman is doing final touches, you’d rather get dressed afterwards," Palermo says. "Throw a robe over, don’t your soil your shirt. It’s not easy to get makeup off.”

Translation: she sometimes puts on her makeup and other accessories while wearing a bathrobe, then puts on her outfit after she's donned accessories. While it might seem more logical to match your accessories your look, this slightly different tactic makes us wonder if it's not a better philosophy to match your outfit to your accessories. Mind. Blown.

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