The One Thing Olivia Palermo Would Never Wear (and We Can't Blame Her)

As a shining beacon of chic, we often turn to Olivia Palermo and her glossy ensembles for inspiration when we want to smarten up, tap the high street for only the most expensive-looking items or learn how to do a print clash with the utmost panache. In short, we pay attention to her every sartorial move and hope that our results would please HRH of fashion.

So we're very satisfied to know that in one instance we are entirely on the same page—Olivia Palermo is "not a fan" of Crocs and/or Birkenstocks in her wardrobe. Sure, she loves a (sophisticated) flat shoe as much as the next stylish girl but these sensible rubbery fellows or the orthopedic slides now favoured by directional hipsters across the globe? Not so much. According to an interview with Red magazine this is the one total no-go for the super star and flip-flops aren't far off either: "I’m not crazy for flip-flops unless you’re at the pool," she says. 

In honour of OP's stance on perfectly practical but never plain-ugly shoes, we've rounded up some of the best summer sandals that won't kill your feet... or your cred. Shop them below!

The comfiest black, heeled sandals we can find.

Nude heels that look way beyond their price tag.

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Opening Image: Buzzfoto/Rex/Shutterstock

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