We Never Thought Olivia Palermo Would Wear These Shoes With Couture

Olivia Palermo wore an exquisite lace-and-embroidered white-sleeved dress by Giambattista Valli to watch the Haute Couture Winter 2017 show this week. With the pretty collar, cuffs and bow detailing, it's hardly a surprising Olivia Palermo choice… until you look down at her shoes that is. She wore a pair of flats that you'd never think to wear with priceless couture, but it's a genius OP styling twist. She chose a pair of sturdy black flat brogues that would usually be saved for everyday looks or business attire, but somehow, it works, making her sweet dress look fresh rather than bridal or OTT for the day. Anyone else tempted to try this shoe look at their next summer wedding?

Scroll below to see Olivia Palermo's surprising dress + shoe combo, and shop a similar look below.

Olivia Palermo white lace dress


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On Olivia Palermo: Giambattista Valli Lace Dress.

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