What Olivia Palermo Wears Flat Black Ankle Boots With

Paris Fashion Week is almost drawing to a close, but the A-list isn't hopping off the outfit merry-go-round quite yet—and that's lucky for us because the IRL inspiration hasn't stopped over the weekend. So this morning we have some new fashion intel courtesy of Olivia Palermo: Her latest PFW ensemble reconfigures how you're probably going to wear those trusty flat black biker boots that are waiting in the back of your cupboard for more autumnal weather. She's been wearing this sensible shoe style for some time now and never fails to surprise us in how she adds polish to a grunge staple.

This time around, her stomping boots have been worn in an all-black getup, with a thigh-split maxi skirt and fur-trimmed biker jacket. Like all successful black outfits, OP knows that texture is at the core (see the mix of velvet, chiffon, leather, fluff and patent gloss?), and the glamour of her clothing is easily dialed down thanks to those casual, spiked bovver boots.

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Olivia Palermo wearing Dior ankle boots


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On Olivia Palermo: Dior boots

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