Is Olivia Palermo About to Stop Shopping at Zara?

As is the way of the world, every great love story must come to an end. And now that might be the turn of one of fashion's greatest pairings: Olivia Palermo and Zara. It's been announced that the style icon is set to become a brand ambassador for Banana Republic

You probably already know that not a day goes by without Palermo being snapped in her latest Zara find, but as she's signed up with BR, perhaps we will see her in fewer items from the Spanish high-street store.

Palermo was selected by Banana Republic to give it more direction and also represent it as a more fashion-forward label. The brand is also hoping to convert Palermo's endorsement into sales, which is definitely a smart move. As we know from personal experience and from the readers on Who What Wear, whatever Palermo wears, everyone wants to buy immediately.

OP recently spoke about her decision to sign up to be the brand's ambassador, citing the fact that it's very accessible and great for women who are just starting their first jobs.

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D Dipasupil/Getty Image

Speaking about her decision to become an ambassador for the label, Business of Fashion revealed that Palermo's a fan of the brand's accessibility: 

"Its fashion has always been very accessible for young women that are just starting out in the workplace and for those who are looking for work pieces but also pieces that they can transition into their wardrobe for weekends and off-time."