Olivia Palermo Reveals Her Guide to Style in Your 20s

It’s no secret that Olivia Palermo’s style is, well, perfect. At just 29 years old, she’s somehow managed to identify her personal style (something that takes a lot of people a lifetime). But how did she do it? How does her style keep getting better? Well, our friends at Elle sat down with her during an interview to promote her curated selection of jewellery at BaubleBar to find out. 

Here’s what Olivia said about finding her sense of style in her 20s: “You know, as you get older, I think you see what works for you and what doesn’t. I think tailoring is really important: If you find a great piece from H&M or whatnot, sometimes you need a little tweaking and then you can really wear it for quite some time. And I love colour. I try to incorporate colour and prints and, you know, accessories. Accessories show how fashion has changed over the years. People really love accessories even more [today] and it’s just a great way to add your own personal touch to your wardrobe.”

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How have you developed your sense of style? What style rules do you follow in your 20s? Let us know in the comments below!