Olivia Culpo Shares the Secret to Her Polished Style—and It Involves Zara

Actress, model and former Miss USA Olivia Culpo is known for her polished, glossy style—she even manages to make denim cutoffs look smart. While most of us can't imagine ever being so perfectly put together, her wardrobe is more accessible than you might think, as she leans on the high street more than most in Hollywood.

When it comes to her shopping rules, Olivia explained to us over the phone from New York that there's one thing you don't need to invest in: "Jeans you can definitely get a bargain on—jeans mark up for so much money, and as long as they fit well, they can be $10 and perfect." There is one thing that she thinks you need to spend more on, however…

"It's worth splurging on leather—leather handbags you can give to children one day or a great pair of shoes that can make you feel the most confident," the style setter tells us. "The first handbag I bought that I was scared to buy was a Céline trapeze bag, but it's one of my absolute favorites."

As for her favourite high-street labels, Culpo had this to say: "I really love Zara because it has its finger on the pulse of trends and creates things that look so expensive, but for under £20. I also love Topshop and H&M, and I have been shopping a lot online on Pretty Little Thing recently."

Zara's shoe department has been getting a lot of love from the celebrity set recently. (Case in point: Bella Hadid has been wearing a pair of its gingham heels.) This is the one section in Zara that Olivia is always most impressed by as well. "Trends can always be changing and so expensive, but Zara has the best shoes, and they look expensive," she tells us.

As for the secret to looking so polished? "Tailoring is really really important to me," Culpo shares. "It's all about staples, elongating and looking elegant. That's why I love wearing heels and belting things. I love the corset belt right now because it can change any outfit and make it look really put together and stylish. The corset belt is definitely my go-to accessory at the moment."

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Olivia, who's promoting Degree Women UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray, says that the're one particular outfit she can rely on in a hurry or on those all-too-relatable "I've got nothing to wear" mornings: "A pair of pumps, high-waisted jeans, a T-shirt, a belt, and a leather jacket or denim jacket. For brunch, it would be pointed-heel booties with denim pants, a corset belt and a sweater with oversize shoulder pads."

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