7 Really Old Olsen Twin Outfits That Are Still Somehow on Trend

The most amazing thing about the Olsen twins isn't their wardrobe (which, sure, is incredible) or even their unstoppable penchant for assembling perfect outfits and continuously creating clothes we obsess over. No, in fact, their most covetable ability is their consistently impressive skill at wearing things far before they're considered trendy.

Case in point: We dug up seven images of the Olsen twins from the archives—year 2007 and earlier—showing them in outfits that are now on trend. Sure, fashion is cyclical, and some of these trends regularly come in and out of style again—but that can only account for a certain amount of their eerily prescient sartorial knowledge. 

Keep scrolling to see what we mean, and to shop out their vintage looks in the present!