My Spring and Summer Aesthetic Will Be "Old Money Chic"—30 Items I'm Looking At



So many aesthetic trends have taken social media by storm, including cottagecore, Barbiecore, mermaidcore, and gorpcore—I could go on and on. But the one aesthetic trend I see dominating my TikTok and Instagram feeds most is "old money."

This aesthetic is all about a classic, slightly preppy sense of style. Think Princess Diana, Blair Waldorf, Ralph Lauren, tennis clubs, and uptown New York. It's a look that's all about quiet luxury. And I've decided—after lots of research—that I'm giving it a shot this summer.

I mean, why not? I look great in tweed. And if I swap out my hoop earrings for pearls and my pumps for Mary Janes, I'm already halfway there. Of course, there are a few key pieces that every closet built around the "old-money" aesthetic has: a tweed jacket, a tennis skirt, white linen pants, and, of course, a striped sweater that just screams, "I'm on my way to the Hamptons."

Lucky for you, I took a deep dive through all my favorite retailers to find pieces that matched the "old-money" aesthetic I'm going for. Keep scrolling to see which ones I can't wait to wear.

I've never tried a tweed jacket before, but this one looks like my style. 

Catch me in South Hampton wearing a minidress with this sweater tied over my shoulders. 

I love the flower detail on this blazer. It's perfect for spring. 

This Gucci bag is one of the most "old-money" bags out there. 

Snag the matching blazer for a look that screams "old money." 

I want to be in the Hamptons wearing this hat and a white linen outfit with a glass of rosé in my hands. 

This windbreaker is the perfect option for a casual "old-money" look. 

For those cool summer nights when you need a light sweater. 

I don't normally wear headbands, but I'd give this one a try. 

These have been on my wish list for so long. They're so chic.

I'm a huge fan of activewear dresses, and this color combo is so "old money."

The perfect spring jacket for the "old-money" look. 

I just got this hat, and I am in love with it. 

I don't normally wear flats, but I'd try these.

Put this jacket over a white tee, tailored jeans, and ballet flats.