These Fabulous Clothes Prove Old-Fashioned Doesn't Always Mean Outdated

There's a big difference between dated and old-fashioned clothes. Dated clothes are an after-product of trends that predictably have a short shelf life—think cycling shorts and shell chokers. Sure, they may come back around, but their time on the style agenda is always fleeting. Old-fashioned trends, however, are of an entirely different ilk. They're heirloom clothes and accessories so rooted in the past that they'll forever play a party in our sartorial stories.

Serving as an endless source of inspiration, we constantly see designers resurrecting trends from our illustrious British fashion archives and this season, the focus is on these seven bygone trends. From the jewellery trend we first clocked during fashion month to the shoes set to take spring/summer 2019 by storm, keep scrolling to see the old-fashioned clothes we're reinstating into our wardrobes.

See, we told you there's a big difference between old-fashioned and dated clothes. Now, see the trends our editors personally feel are becoming a tad passé