From J.Lo to Rosie HW, Celebs Swear By This Best-Selling Mask for Amazing Hair

It’s an odd thing to say, we know, given that there are so many cult beauty buys out there, but really, it takes quite a lot for a beauty launch to hit the big time. With hundreds, if not thousands, of new products hitting the virtual shelves every year, it's tough for one single product to make a name for itself. Although it might seem as though beauty insiders are recommending every new product that comes their way, trust us when we say that cementing a place in the beauty product Hall of Fame is no mean feat.

Having said that, there is one particular product that has managed to make quite the impression on beauty buffs in recent years. In fact, it’s made an impression on just about everyone—so much so that when we rounded up the best-selling products of last year, it was, by far, the most frequently recurring product on retailers' best sellers lists. And no, it’s not a product from a big beauty conglomerate, and it’s not the sort of thing you can pick up in just any old beauty hall. But quite frankly, that’s what makes Olaplex’s success so fascinating.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: Rosie Huntington-Whitely is a fan



Chances are you’ve heard of Olaplex before. Once a salon-only treatment used to strengthen and repair severely damaged, colour-treated hair that boasted game-changing technology mustered up in a Californian garage, Olaplex is now one of the largest and most talked-about independent haircare brands out there. It’s virtually impossible to step foot in a salon and not be recommended an Olaplex treatment, especially if you have bleached or chemically treated hair. 

So what exactly is it? Essentially, it’s a system of treatments and products that work to actually rebuild broken bonds in the hair, making strands healthier and stronger. In simple terms, it has the power to turn frazzled, damaged strands into sleek, silky lengths. The best bit? It’s suitable for literally all hair types. The range is made up of eight products, No.0 through to No.9. Products No.1 and No.2 are only available in salons, and the rest of the products, from treatments and oil to shampoo and conditioner, can be purchased to use at home.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: @celmatique



While there’s no doubt that the entire Olaplex regimen contains what are honestly some of the most efficacious haircare products ever created, there is one particular product in the lineup that stands out from the rest. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector (£26) has become an international best seller. And unlike so many other beauty success stories (though, there’s no doubt that Olaplex has a plethora of celeb fans from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim Kardashian West to Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow), it’s actually the results of the product that have driven its success, rather than its impressive fan base, especially when it comes to the Hair Perfector.

Besides the fact that the Hair Perfector sits in the top five beauty best sellers of last year for mega-retailers ASOSCult Beautyand Feelunique, if you ask us, the biggest pull is that it genuinely works. Designed to be used as a hair treatment once or twice a week, the Hair Perfector leaves hair feeling almost impossibly smooth after just one use. And although it’s most suited for those with extremely dry, coarse, or damaged hair, the truth is every beauty buff we know swears by the stuff, whatever the condition of their strands.

So if this year has taken its toll on your hair and you’re looking for a product that will breathe some life back into tired strands, believe us when we say that the Hair Perfector will make all of the difference. If you don’t believe us, ask just about any hairstylist or expert out there.

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Dry, damaged and broken hair will really benefit from this intense treatment which works to repair and strengthen strands. Apply to dry hair before layering on the cult No.3 Hair Perfector then shampooing and conditioning as normal. Hello healthy hair!

A deeply moisturising and strengthening shampoo that maintains all of the hard work that the Olaplex treatment has done for your hair.

Although all of Olaplex's hair products are colour-safe, this shampoo is specifically formulated to brighten blondes and remove unwanted brassy tones. 

Adding this conditioner into your regular wash day routine will keep your strands strong and smooth.

This leave-in smoothing cream can be used on wet or dry hair to hydrate, reduce flyaways and speed-up blow-dry times. Genius.

Not only does this oil inject shine and softness to all hair types, it protects your strands from heat styling too.

The newest launch from Olaplex comes in the form of this moisturising mask which smooths, repairs, volumises and boosts shine in just 10 minutes.

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No.9 is the latest instalment in Olaplex's range, which takes form in a hair serum. This adds gloss to lengths while fending off environmental damage and protecting against heat damage.