These 3 Off-Duty Formulas Are Influencer-Approved and Beyond Easy to Create

Summer can bring out the best and worst in our dressing techniques. It’s a time where experimentation feels almost mandatory and your personal style can really jump up a notch in response. However, because the weather is so fickle, putting on a summery outfit when it's sunny out can be a gamble, as one can also potentially leave the house and spend the rest of the day regretting a jumper/no jacket/lost umbrella and so on.

So in order to save you both seconds and face when it comes to creating your weekend/off-duty wardrobe over the next few months, we trawled through the latest summer outfit offerings (courtesy of influencers) to generate a reliable edit of three looks you can rely on this season. There’s one for the pared-back people out there, one for those who can’t give up their dresses and one for picnic-goers who get chilly after 6 p.m. at the park. Keep reading to see how your brunch/gallery visits/Saturday night shenanigans will look a whole heap cooler and easier below.