These 3 Off-Duty Formulas Are Influencer-Approved and Beyond Easy to Create

Summer can bring out the best and worst in our dressing techniques. It’s a time where experimentation feels almost mandatory and your personal style can really jump up a notch in response. However, because the weather is so fickle, putting on a summery outfit when it's sunny out can be a gamble, as one can also potentially leave the house and spend the rest of the day regretting a jumper/no jacket/lost umbrella and so on.

So in order to save you both seconds and face when it comes to creating your weekend/off-duty wardrobe over the next few months, we trawled through the latest summer outfit offerings (courtesy of influencers) to generate a reliable edit of three looks you can rely on this season. There’s one for the pared-back people out there, one for those who can’t give up their dresses and one for picnic-goers who get chilly after 6 p.m. at the park. Keep reading to see how your brunch/gallery visits/Saturday night shenanigans will look a whole heap cooler and easier below.

Wide-Leg Jeans + Tailoring + Pumps

Style Notes: A new wave of denim lovers have been seen swapping the usual skinnies or "mom" jeans for something a little wider of late. Kicky, ankle-swinging jumbo culottes have been on their radar instead. A little breezier during spring or summer, perhaps, or just a natural about-turn when slimmer silhouettes have been in favour for so long. We noticed this crew are smartening up the retro cut with tailoring (either with a blazer or trench, depending on your local forecast), midi-heel pumps and a plain tee. Throw in a statement bag and you have your new casual go-to all wrapped up.

Off-Duty Style: White Wide-Leg Jeans With a Black Blazer



Alexis Foreman in the coolest wide jeans we’ve ever seen.

Elsy’s pink pumps look so sweet with her shoe-grazing jeans.

Slip Dress + Jacket of Your Choice + Flats

Style Notes: Wearing a little floral slip outside of your Corfu hols can feel a little daunting, but a few stylish ladies we’ve noticed have been putting them to use in the city with the simple dressing down of a chilled jacket (no tailoring here—think cargo or biker) and flats. Whether you opt for skate sneaks like Vanessa Hong or slides like Lizzy Hadfield makes no difference, the basic redaction of heels works magic.

Vanessa Hong’s choice of Vans shows this skate brand is still going strong.

Lizzy’s short hemline looks far less daunting with an oversize jacket involved.


Style Notes: Boho style in 2018 is more about natural fabrics, raw hems, handwoven this and locally crafted that—it’s straw bags and raffia hats, collectable jewellery and sustainable brands. So it makes sense that there’s a pared-back movement toward basic, neutral-coloured dresses being worn with equally humble accessories. Have a wardrobe full of these easy pieces and you’ll never be stuck for something to wear (and feel rather artsy in).

Off-Duty Style: Pair a Plain Midi Dress With Neutral Accessories



This chic, understated ensemble from Oroma is the perfect hot-weather option.

Oumayma's straw hat is worn to 2018 perfection (complete with a ribbon necktie, of course).

Time to book that brunch spot…