Your October Horoscope Is Here—and You're Going to Want to Hear This

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Happy October, everyone! As we begin to move into October and the cosiness of Autumn, we find ourselves with the sun in Libra (later moving into Scorpio), and with our transit through Libra, diplomacy, relationships, balance and beauty rule the month. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, and unlike the transit through her counterpart, Aries (ruled by Mars), we may feel it’s easier to slip into harmonious relations or even indecision around major life events this month. With Libra, our focus shifts to our impact on others, not just ourselves. Libra is more likely to think of others or stay in the middle to avoid discord, and you can try this for the month if you’d like.

Libra is also a sign that rules aesthetics and beauty, so beautifying your life, wardrobe or regimen in some way are all ruled here. Read on to see your horoscope for the Libra transit this month!

Okay, Aries. This month is your time to get dreaming and scheming. You had last month to get clear and quiet, so hopefully, you are feeling recharged and inspired coming into October. What are your dreams and aspirations? Where do you envision your life going? I always recommend vision-boarding for this transit, so either jump on Pinterest or bust out the magazines. (For more info on vision-boarding, search Google or send me a message.)

This month is a great time for you to sit back, Taurus, as your internal promptings may be asking for a little more sleep, a little more self-exploration and more relaxation overall. With this transit, I always like to suggest taking care of the deeper parts of you: a trip to the spa, a meditation class, Yoga or spending time near water. Anything that can bring a bit of stillness to a very hectic schedule. This is especially important if you’ve had a lot of stuff going on lately and feel like you need a moment to yourself. 

Hi, Gemini. This is a month of new beginnings and reinvention for you! You will likely be feeling a bit bolder in your undertakings or at least feeling more comfortable as the leader of the pack. Try some bold statement pieces or a total closet revamp, as you will be highly visible to the people in your life, who may be looking to you for style cues. The more you can step out and be fearlessly you, the more you inspire others to do the same.

Money and productivity are all up for you this month, Cancer—saving or spending are up for grabs. I can imagine you have had a full summer, so moving into the energy of autumn asks you to be a bit more methodical and organised with how you accomplish your goals and tasks. When it comes to making money this month, you are on fire. Unnecessary purchases are best avoided. Think: How can I grow my money tree? What does it need? You can find some good money books if you feel so inspired. 

Short-distance trips and sociability are up for you this month, Leo. In the language of astrology, this transit is a more lighthearted time and one in which you feel right at home. Going on small-town adventures or trying new things are excellent ways to capitalise on the vibe available to you this month. You may be less concerned with the small details and more apt to be the life of the party (which I know you’re used to anyway). Enjoy, Leo!

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After a busy birthday month, it’s time to relax a bit, Virgo. I know that isn’t always your go-to, as you have a very busy schedule (and mind), but any time spent in your home or even revamping your space will be time well spent for October. Upgrading your bedding, buying a beautiful candle, taking a bath, etc., are all great ways to tap into the available chill of this transit. Have a few movie nights in and see what it does for your productivity. 

Happy birthday, Libra! Creativity, romance and all-around good energy are up for you this month for your birthday. How can you celebrate just for you? Focus on having fun and enjoy the light-hearted energy this transit offers. Jupiter, the sign of expansion and fortune, is finishing its transit through your sign on October 10. Finish up any outstanding projects and take stock of the amazing things that have gone down for you in the last year, or even see how the challenges made you grow. The universe responds to gratitude, and the more grateful you can be at this time, the better.

Balancing out your schedule is up for you this month, Scorpio. If you’ve been way too busy, carving out a morning routine is a great way to spend your energy this month. This transit is all about taking care of the body and the spirit and finding balance in a hectic life. A quick morning meditation, Pilates class or a nourishing breakfast are all great ways to begin your day and give to yourself first. The more you can give to yourself, the more you can share with the people in your life. 

Relationships, partnerships, balance and harmony are up for you this month, Sagittarius. You may feel more sensitive to the deepest functions of your relationships. If you’re experiencing challenges in any of your relationships (business or personal), this transit is a great time have a conversation to make it right. You will be more diplomatic than usual, so use that to your advantage. 

Sensuality and transformation colour your month, Capricorn, and if it seems like those two things don’t belong together, read on. This month, you’ll be asked to go a little deeper into your self-awareness around what works and what isn’t working in your life. If there’s a habit you’ve been trying to kick, October will be a great month to let it go. As far as the sensuality component, this is a Scorpio-ruled transit, and Scorpio rules sexuality. It can be a great time for intimacy and overall surrender to your sensual nature. Do so with awareness, and enjoy!

Learning new things is up for you this month, Aquarius. Travelling long distance can be wonderful or even taking a class on something you’ve been wanting to understand or incorporate into your life. This can be a new language, skill or anything that inspires you. If you’ve been thinking about travel, book your tickets. 

Career and reputation colour your month, Pisces. What do you envision when it comes to your work? Are you where you’d like to be? This transit is wonderful to revamp your goals and ambitions and make sure they are aligned with your true self. Make any changes with awareness, and go step by step—nothing needs to happen overnight. 

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