Your October Horoscope Is Here—And It’s ALL Good

Natalia Benson is a Los Angeles–based tarot and astrological expert, designer, creative, and DJ. True to her astrological assortment (Aries sun sign, Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius moon), she finds inspiration from a number of creative outlets, including running her namesake jewellery company and DJ’ing under the name WHITEHORSE. Make sure to follow Benson on Instagram for monthly inspiration and astral insights, and book an astrology or tarot reading with her. Benson will be sharing her insights exclusively with Who What Wear readers every month.

Happy October! As I write these horoscopes for you, we are amid a Mercury retrograde, and the sun has entered the sign of Libra. Mercury retrograde is popular subject matter simply because most people attribute it to chaos, but it is far from that! A retrograde of any planet according to astrology can be a time to slow down just slightly, and go within more so than we are asked by the cosmos while a planet is direct. (Watch this video for my take on Mercury retrogrades.) With the sun journeying through Libra and then into Scorpio later this month, we explore the topics of balance and harmony within relationships, then moving into the depths of the soul, Halloween time, and sensuality. October is a great month to take care of yourself in a deeper way, as well as the relationships you hold dear.

Read on to see what the stars have to say for your unique sign this month!

Travel, higher learning, and expanding your horizons are highlighted for you this month, Aquarius. Do you have somewhere you’ve been looking to travel? It’s an excellent time to look to the horizon and plan or execute foreign travel. What about a language you’d like to learn or a skillset you’ve been wanting to hone? You are already naturally a very curious kind of person; open up and see what the world has to offer you this month, Aquarius. Enjoy your new perspective!

Hi, Aries! Get out this month and enjoy your friendships! I know last month was a bit of a deep and introspective time for you (if you engaged in your soul homework or got caught up in some deeper issues that called your attention). This month is all about your sociability, your life vision, nurturing friendships, and optimistically looking toward the future. Host a dinner party, vision-board with close friends, or write down monthly goals and stick to them. Enjoy the month, Aries!

Hi, Cancer! This is your money month! Sound good? How do you feel about your material comfort and your finances at large? Highlighted is your drive to feel secure in your life and live it up. Financial empowerment can be a theme, whether that means saving a little extra money or buying yourself something luxurious or useful (or maybe both!)

October can be seen as a really empowering month for you, Capricorn. Utilise your ability to self-reflect and work on something in your life that you’d like to change. Identity one thing that doesn’t totally satisfy you about your life right now, write it down, and then write down the positive opposite experience of that one thing. Focus on transmuting this thing all month. I promise if you focus on the positive outcome and take action to create change, you will be amazed.

Hi, Gemini! This month offers a fresh perspective of your identity and self-expression. Feeling like stepping out into the world a bit differently? New wardrobe choices or an updated haircut? October is a month for you to be pioneering in some way. Be bold, unique, and yourself, and don’t be afraid to try something different. Enjoy the month, Gemini!

Hi, Leo! October marks your month to speak up! You typically never have a problem doing this. ;) What is something you’d like to express or have been needing to say? This can be to someone or many someones. Your communication and self-expression will be exemplified this month, Leo, and it can also be a very busy time for you. Short-distance trips and lots of talking with friends and family are highlighted. Go out on a whim and speak your heart.

Hi, Libra, and happy birthday! This is a great month for you, marked by romance, fun, childlike endeavors, and freedom—a great time to celebrate your birthday. Be open to taking little adventures with friends or lovers, spend some time out in nature to revitalise yourself, and bring this extra sense of buoyancy and joy back to work with you. Your vitality will be contagious, and hopefully your skin will be glowing. Enjoy the month, Libra!

Hi, Pisces! This should be an awesome month for you with regard to career. Your legacy and reputation are highlighted, and this month more than other times of the year, you may be in the public eye or center of attention. I have a secret to you tell you: Bring your sensitivity and your intuition with you to work right now; regardless of what you do, you will thrive! You have Neptune (your ruling planet in astrology) cruising through your sign, giving you an extra burst of potent imaginative energy. Need to tap in? Meditate in the mornings.

Relationships are the highlight for you this month, Sagittarius. The focus can be on intimate relationships, business partnerships, or friendships, anything with a one-to-one connection. Do your relationships need tending to? Are they balanced? Do you have a healthy balance between yourself and other people? Diplomacy, cooperation, and your ability to harmonise with others will all be rewarded this month, Sagittarius.

Hi, Scorpio! October is a time of perfecting your routine, health, workflow, etc. How are you feeling as far as your health lately? Do you make time for a good breakfast and yoga before a busy day at the office? What inspires you when it comes to your routine? Not much? Okay, let’s start there and shake things up a bit. This is a great month to get yourself inspired and organised when it comes to a new approach to health and routine. Try something new; I promise you’ll feel amazing!

Hi, Taurus! October can mark a bit of an introspective time for you, a great time to spiritually gear up and prep for the end of the year. I know life is busy and it can be tough to slow down, but your self-practice of meditation, yin-style yoga, or dream journaling can do wonders for how you settle out 2015. What has 2015 taught you? What new energy are you bringing to 2016? Perhaps visioning in October? But it’s a powerful time, and you’ll need something to do while you are resting up a bit. ;)

Nest and rest, dear Virgo. October marks a time of nurturing yourself and hanging at the homestead! Have any home projects? Been feeling the need to get more sleep? I know life is busy, but I also know you, as a Virgo, crave perfection when it comes to your health and routine. Giving yourself a little extra space to chill out this month can work wonders for your vitality. Not to mention your ruling planet (Mercury) is retrograde, so don’t be alarmed by the slower pace at which you might be operating.

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