Who We’d Seat in the Front Row if We Ruled Fashion Week

In a recent Fashion Week brainstorm meeting at Who What Wear headquarters, things got a bit rowdy as the room discussed the idea of concocting our very own front row dream teams. The result? Today’s story, of course! Scroll down to find out who seven WWW editors ideal front row fixtures would be, and make sure to share yours in the comments below!

Nicole Akhtarzad, Fashion Assistant


  1. Emanuelle Alt, for the juxtaposition of her simple white t-shirt against everyone else's ornate outfits.
  2. Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine, because they're a nice, perfect-looking addition to anything.
  3. Johnny Weir, for the sake of getting to see his outfit.
  4. Lizzie Kaplan, because watching her watch her future red-carpet look come down the runway would be meta.
  5. Kris Jenner, because she'd be lovin' everything about it.
  6. Me! Because if this is a dream, I'm definitely letting myself join. 
Jessica Baker, Entertainment Editor

This is easy. My ultimate front row would be a Proenza Schouler show with all my favourite It-girls:

  1. Anna Kendrick, because if last year’s MVP outing is any indication, the actress will turn up in a series of chic looks accompanied by a generous helping of her awesome wit.
  2. Dree Hemingway, because her perfect bedhead and effortless, all-American style are what girl crushes are made of.
  3. Taylor Tomasi Hill, because here’s hoping the tastemaker will take a quick break from styling flowers—though amazing!—and reclaim her rightful spot as front-row fixture.
  4. Kate Bosworth, because what would my dream front row be without my style icon?
  5. Emma Stone, because the actress can do no wrong in my eyes, especially when it comes to her immaculate fashion choices—see here and here for proof.
Kat Collings, Editor
  1. Andre Leon Talley, because capes.
  2. Chris Kattan as Mango because every front row needs a little attitude.
  3. Blue Ivy, because I’m gunning for her to be the next Aila Wang.
  4. James Franco, because I’d love to see his ironic Instagram coverage of the show.
  5. Hanneli Mustaparta, because she’s the cutest.
Meghan Blalock, Managing Editor
  1. Beyoncé and Solange, seated together: As the two most stylish sisters in all of music, I would love to see Beyoncé and Solange take the front row by storm, sitting together at everything from Tibi to Marc Jacobs.
  2. F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Jazz Age's most unabashed lover of all things flamboyant and fabulous, the author of The Great Gatsby would undoubtedly have enjoyed the circus of modern-day Fashion Week, complete with plenty of champagne on hand.
  3. Sylvia Plath: The iconic American writer actually got her start in the fashion industry, writing for the now-defunct Mademoiselle. Before battling depression, she was known as a social butterfly and hit the fashion party circuit pretty hard; I think she would have loved to sit front row during her heyday. 
  4. Flannery O'Connor: The Southern Gothic writer with an undisputed taste for the grotesque would probably have been most keen on sitting front row at a McQueen or Margiela show. 
  5. Tilda Swinton: The queen of androgyny would be a glowing beacon of fair-skinned beauty in any front row, and you know all her outfits would be killer.
Michelle Scanga, Associate Editor
  1. MK & Ash, because even though sunglasses will forever guard their true expressions, we still love to play the guessing game! 
  2. Harry Styles, because he's extremely good looking
  3. Kate Moss, because Kate Moss sighting > any other Fashion Week sighting
  4. ?Surprise me! (Who doesn't love a wild card?)
Nicole Kliest, Senior Editor
  1. Clémence Poésy, because no front row would be complete without a beautiful Parisian.
  2. Diana Vreeland, because why wouldn’t you want Vreeland in your front row?
  3. Emma Watson, because she is poised perfection.
  4. Grumpy Cat, because I think he'd really enjoy the catwalk.
  5. John Mayer, because I want to see the O-face in the flesh.
Tiffany Tse, Deputy Editor
  1. Rihanna, because the singer will make the front row a party.
  2. Fei Fei Sun, because if the beautiful Chinese model’s not walking the runway, she should at least be attending.
  3. Frank Ocean, because I want him and RiRi to discuss collaborating on a duet. Also, his understated yet distinct personal style would be a welcome addition to any front row.
  4. Elin Kling, because I want to see the cool, minimalistic outfit she’d wear.
  5. Kanye, because, well, he’s Kanye. 

    Who would be in YOUR dream front row? Share in the comments!
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