This Is What NYFW Runways Looked Like in the '90s

There's something about style during the '90s that we just can't seem to shake. Runways were splashed with neon hues, bold patterns, and big hair; superwomen like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford had us shaking our Magic 8-Ball at night, asking, Will I be like her when I grow up? Even after receiving a "very doubtful," we'd still smear our lips with Vaseline, steal our mums' clip-ons, and swan down hallways in the hopes of capturing Linda Evangelista's je ne sais quoi. Now, as New York Fashion Week approaches, we're reminded of this vibrant period in fashion and what past NYFW runways looked like during this time.

Get out your gel pens and start taking notes—we're rounding up some of the best looks from NYFW runways during the '90s, even including some of our favourite shopping picks inspired by the decade.