Every Girl in NYC Is Wearing This Outfit

It’s finally summer, and while some of us are still working out the kinks in our warm-weather wardrobes, others seem to have it locked down and then some. The latter group to which I’m referring is the practical-yet-stylish subsect of New York City women who, I’ve come to realize, know a thing or two about dressing for the weather in any season. I can say this because having moved to the Big Apple from L.A. myself not too long ago, on the warm summer days when I’m struggling to get it right, I also spend a lot of time noticing the women who do.

So just what is this warm-weather uniform I’ve seen literally everywhere? It’s actually quite simple and attainable: a midi dress and sandals or sneakers. Yep, that’s it. We think what makes it so good is that while your shoes say “practical”, your clothing is still saying “I tried”, and the combination strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style. While it might sound basic at first, until you see (and feel) the effects for yourself, you won’t know how good it is.

See some of our favorite NYC girls sporting the look, and then continue to shop our favorite midi dresses of the moment below.

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