8 Pieces the Coolest New York Girls Are Wearing on Repeat Right Now

You know that feeling when you learn a new word and suddenly you see it on every billboard and book cover? Well, here I am feeling that same sense of déjà vu about a handful of really cute summer trends. I first spotted them on the Instagram pages of a few NYC-based accounts I love—from editor friends to bloggers to designers I admire. Now I can't make my nightly walk home to the Lower East Side without spotting the same pieces on the people passing by. (Are they a model? An artist? Both? I never really know.) The bottom line of my rambling is this: These are the coolest trends to try in New York right now.

Note that I use the word "coolest" above. Let's not forget that as we're moving from that weird in-between season into summer proper, things will be heating up in the Big Apple. Along with those rising temps, I always find that clothing choices get bolder, brighter, and frankly, more exciting. When it's a heat wave, it's cool clothing that I desperately crave (literally and figuratively, of course).

If you're also itching to add a little punch to your wardrobe, whether you're planning a vacation or not, you've come to the right place. I'm breaking down those inspiring trends I've been eyeing both online and IRL below. And since a little style inspiration always makes me want to shop, I included my favourite pieces to tackle each trend too. You'll be ready to go toe-to-toe with the most fashionable women in NYC without ever having to step foot inside a grimy taxi.