We're Dismissing Predictable Nail Colours—Here's What We're Wearing Instead

In some kind of remarkable, "Time Warp" inspired plot twist, it's already November. And while it feels like we were just predicting and obsessing over bright and fluttery shades like blue, pink, "Watermelon Sugar," and every other hue on our spring/summer nail agenda, autumn is here, and winter (don't bemoan the messenger, please) is on the brink.



Luckily, we derive an insane amount of satisfaction from curating a fresh, new, compliment-inducing polish aesthetic each season, so the emotional blow of cooler temperatures and fewer hours of daylight is ever-so-slightly softened by the idea of having more time for our self-care and at-home mani rituals.

November is smack-dab in the middle of autumn fever, so even though we're not quite ready to go full-on Christmas with our nail art, we're ready to lean into the rich festiveness of the season. That said, we never want to be overly predictable with what we're wearing on our tips, so we've scouted all the best nail polish brands and all of their sparkling collections for crème de la crème November nail colour options. Here, we've found 15 covetable colours that fit the spirit of the season but are far from overplayed. Keep scrolling! We're sharing our favourite of-the-moment November nail colours just below. 


Love shades of mustard or bright goldenrod? For November, a nail colour reminiscent of knocked-back honey is a smooth and sweet transition. 

2. Spicy Cinnamon

We suggest spiking everything from your drink to your nails with a warm kick of cinnamon this November. This shade called Just Dropped is currently in our basket.  

3. Pink Satin

As it's not quite red and not quite pink, we're in love with how demure and glamorous this satiny rose pink looks for winter. 

4. Plump Raspberry

Something just feels so indulgent when you take a classic shade of berry and deepen it with a dark undertone. This long-wearing formula from Rimmel epitomises the vision. 

5. Glowing Turquoise

Signature winter shades like royal blue, navy, and frosty periwinkle might immediately come to mind once the temperatures start to dip, but we're keen on switching things up with an unexpected pop of vibrant turquoise. We're chomping at the bit to paint our tips with Manucurist's polish. 

6. Black Cherry Glacé

Moody shades of dark red, brown, and purple are no strangers to our regular November nail polish roundup. But this year, we're scouting for something with a little more edge—something like Chanel's varnish called Rouge Noir. It's a deep, slightly witchier alternative to your average bottle of cherry red. 

7. Lapis Lazuli

This is the ultimate shade of deep blue for November. It's a little less black than your typical navy polish, which really makes it pop on every skin tone. 

8. Black Diamond

Don't get us wrong—we'll never neglect our classic bottle of glossy black. But this November, we're enchanted by OPI's brand-new Shine Bright Collection and this sparkling black flecked with silver.

9. Sugary Ginger

ICYMI: Brown nail polish has been the ultimate comeback kid this season, and every single brand has been debuting its own festive version. All are sublime (the color is surprisingly flattering and versatile), but for the holiday season, we want something like Zoya's warm, crystallized hue called Tasha.

10. Sour Plum

Ripe, juicy shades of purple and plum are the quintessential nail stuff of autumn. This year, however, keep it fresh and less predictable by finding a shade with cool (aka more gray or blue) undertones rather than warm ones. We're hooked on Kure Bazaar's Phenomenal varnish.

11. Radiant Opal

White, like all of our other go-to chic neutrals (nude, black, gray), is a fail-safe classic. Of course, the stark white hue is great any time of the year, but there's something about a sheer, opalescent version that just kind of screams fall and winter, no? 

12. Dirty Martini

There are two types of people in this world: those who will eagerly wear green nail polish and those who, well, just won't. That said, we have a hunch even the most verdant-adverse members of the population will want to dip into this glimmering shade of olive. The look feels art deco–esque, whimsical, and totally in line with November cosies. Oh, and it reminds us of our favourite cocktail order. 

13. Crushed Rose Gold

Metallics are synonymous with festive cheer, we already have classic shades like gold, silver, and bronze on regular rotation. Rose gold, however, is the must-have dark horse this nail season.

14. Matcha Green

Remember what we said about green nail polish? Even if you're not into other trendy hues like emerald, mint, slime, or moss, Gucci's new Old Hollywood–inspired take just might convert you. It's bright and bold and, honestly, reminds us of a frothy matcha latte—a vibe we're not mad at once the temperatures start to dip. 

15. Blue Viola

If you're not into darker shades like navy or royal blue, we highly recommend this deep violet option in lieu.

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