All the 00s Trends We’re Still Wearing Today

Over the past few years, we've spotted a flurry of '00s fashion trends making a return. Sure, some are a little scary (hello, trucker hats, velour tracksuits and low-slung denim), but other comebacks feel so right. It will take a lot to persuade us to dig out our tattoo chokers, but we've noticed stylish people dusting off their hankerchief tops and diving into the revival headfirst.

Not to mention, the biggest designers right now are creating collections full of '00s-inspired looks and signature designs from the decade. You might even forget many of these pieces were huge in the noughties—cowboy boots, for example. Keep scrolling to see these '00s trends then and how we'll be shopping them now and well into 2021.

Cowboy Boots

2000s fashion: Sienna Miller wearing cowboy boots  in 2004



Then: In 2004, we all wanted a pair of distressed, embroidered cowboy boots, thanks to Sienna Miller, who was often photographed in Primrose Hill wearing her studded versions. They weren't just her walking boots either—here, she wore them to the premiere of Layer Cake.

Now: We weren't so sure about the return of cowboy boots initially, but now they've once again become the leading boot trend. Bottega Veneta's slick patent versions are right at the top of our wishlists. 

Micro Designer Bags

2000s fashion: lindsay lohan in Mean Girls


Rex Features

Then: We reached peak It bag in the '00s, and before the Olsen twins began carrying tote bags bigger than their heads, it was all about micro logo-flashing bags. Mini over-the-shoulder rainbow-coloured logo-print bags by Louis Vuitton were particularly sought after; remember when Lindsay Lohan wore one with her aqua Juicy Couture hoodie in Mean Girls?

Now: Micro bags small enough to fit an iPhone or credit card in are still going strong thanks to the likes of literally every designer bag going. A special mention has to go to Jacquemus, however, whose tiny totes are lusted after by everyone. 

Sporty Knitwear

00s fashion: Mischa Barton



Then: In the '00s, preppy, zip-up knits without hoods were an essential item if you were looking to re-create the cool Californian style in the cult TV show The O.C.

Now: Sporty tops like Mischa's have now become a street style essential.

Floral Tea Dresses

2000s fashion: floral tea dresses


Getty Images

Then: Another Kate Moss staple in the '00s was the floral tea dress, which was a focal point of her Topshop collaboration. 

Now: Since around 2017, the floral dress has been big news. Opt for one by Rixo for the most modern versions.

Going-Out Tops

2000s fashion: rachel bilson, going out top, noughties fashion


Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Then: In the mid-noughties, if you were going out, you'ld wear your shiniest, strappiest top with a pair of boot-cut jeans and heels. Think Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts at the Bait Shop.

Now: Kim Kardashian West proved that the going-out top is still going strong. We're especially enjoying this '80s-inspired one from Topshop. 

Mini Skirts

2000s fashion: bubble hem skirt



Then: While bubble skirts certainly reference the '80s, they were the height of fashion in the early '00s. Marissa Cooper wore a satin purple Marc Jacobs bubble-skirt dress in The O.C. Other iterations of the mini were every where too, with ra ra skirts also being a favourite.

Now: All was quiet on the mini skirt front for some time but in 2020 (and we say 2021) the garment has made a full comeback. For the coolest version, try a bold printed skirt.

Rose-Coloured Glasses

2000s fashion: Rose coloured glasses



Then: The likes of Britney Spears and Carmen Electra often wore rose-coloured sunglasses, and they were often frameless with a large, curved lens. 

Now: The young Hollywood set—including Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner—has now adopted tiny pink sunglasses as part of their uniform. The key is to opt for round styles with defined frames.

Ballet Flats

2000s fashion: Ballet pumps



Style Notes: Largely thanks to Kate Moss, many of us spend most of the '00s in a pair of black ballet flats. They were an essential part of Kate's Primrose Hill uniform in 2005, and brands like French Sole and Repetto skyrocketed in this decade.

Now: Ballet pumps have made a comeback, and we're not mad about it. Try yours with a tiny heel to give your feet as much support as possible. 


2000s fashion: Paris Hilton wearing a green Juicy Couture velour tracksuit and trucker hat



Then: Paris Hilton's The Simple Life uniform—the velour Juicy tracksuit—might seem like the last thing that would make a return to our wish lists. But Vetements gave it full backing by showing a crystal-encrusted velour Juicy jumpsuit during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, and model Hanne Gaby wore them with her bridesmaids at her hen do.

Now: The athleisure trend definitely goes some way to explaining our new found love of the tracksuit but in COVID times we've also been drawn towards more comfortable outfits. 

Low-Rise Jeans

2000s fashion: Keira Knightley wears low-rise jeans on the red carpet


Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Then: Back in the days when all we wanted were a pair of Miss Sixty jeans, it was essential that the waistband was as close to your knicker line as possible. So after years of being able to take comfort in high-waisted mom jeans, the low cut is slowly making a return, and you only need to look to Emily Ratajkowski for proof.

Now: This trend is definitely not for everyone, but if you do love it, try it in a pair of classic blue jeans. Paired with a going out top, naturally. 

Sparkly Minidress

2000s fashion: Paris Hilton


Rex Features

Then: Paris Hilton's crystal-embellished minidress she wore to her 21st birthday party in 2004 is a quintessential '00s look, with its cowl neckline, spaghetti halter-neck straps and completely open back. She topped off the look with sticky gloss and a diamanté choker, of course.

Now: For Kendall Jenner's 21st birthday she copied Paris Hilton's '00s birthday look, wearing a replica of her chainmail dress to her own L.A. party. Now, we're still seeing sequin dresses everywhere. 

Ugg Boots

2000s fashion: ugg boots


Rex Features

Then: When Sienna Miller was photographed at Glastonbury in 2004 in a pair of Uggs with the tops rolled over, we all wanted a pair (along with her neon-green sunnies). Ugg boots were one of the standout items of the '00s, worn by everyone from Kate Moss to Britney Spears.

Now: Uggs were deemed "over" by the late '00s, but they've been returning over the past few years thanks to the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Opt for a classic pair so you know they won't go out of style. 

Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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