One Woman's Honest Account of What Fashion Week Is Really Like

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to New York Fashion Week, your outfit primed and ready to be shot by the plethora of street style photographers? Lucy Cohen Blatter—a (gasp!) totally normal person—was faced with that reality when she underwent a “street style makeover” as an experiment for StyleCaster. Blatter, a mum and freelance writer who considers leggings to be her sartorial go-to, wandered the scene at New York Fashion Week clad in designer duds, waiting for street style photographers to snap away.

In a hilarious personal account, Blatter breaks down her feelings and reactions whilst being on her very first street style journey. She notes how confident and attractive she felt with photographers gathered around her, but that one should also be cautious about such events.

 “The thing about doing street style at Fashion Week—and really, living in New York City in general—is that just when you think you’re killing it and looking your very best, someone else hits it out of the park and makes you feel like Quasimodo,” she (accurately) writes. We love that she didn't take herself too seriously when participating in this experiment and, instead, just had fun with it.

To see the before and after pictures of Blatter (and be thoroughly entertained), head over to StyleCaster to read the full article!

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