The Most Unique Engagement Ring Idea Has Just Landed

We all know engagement rings are a big deal. Investing in a piece of jewellery you'll wear day in, day out for the rest of your life, is no small commitment. And so you can understand the sheer obsession that can come with the hunt: finding something that feels unique to you while in the same instance being eternally favourable is tricky. Myself? I tried on almost every ring in a gigantic vintage jewellery store before (much to the relief of the staff and my boyfriend) I plumped for a 19th-century French number that definitely doesn't look like an engagement ring… What did you expect?

Anyway, the point is this is a challenge, but one of our favourite, sparky, young fine jewellers—Noor Fares—has just swooped in solved many a girl's problems. Her Eye Do range starts your journey with 20 different white gold and white diamonds rings, inspired by classic solitaires only with her signature directional, spiritual, geometric spin.



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The Eye Do collection in action.

Whatever you choose can then be made to feel even more individual by the infinite ways you could stack them up—there really is no end to the options. Add in the fact that she's also introduced a pavé diamond jacket wedding band that can be designed to fit any engagement ring and a bespoke engagement ring service at her London studio and we call that #winning in this business.

Scroll down to see some of the Eye Do collection, plus you can shop from some of Noor's current offering online

Noor Fares Eye Do collection. Just how many is too many to choose?

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