Finally, an Ethical Fashion Store Where We Can Actually Afford to Buy Something

We’re all trying to be a bit more conscious with our style choices, but we have to admit sometimes it feels like a challenge to be ethical, sustainable and eco. But reading facts like, ‘it takes an average of 7,000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans’ and ‘20% of industrial water pollution comes from the treating and dyeing textiles’ you realise it’s worth making the effort to invest is conscious garms—but they need to be just as stylish as anything else. So when we came across a store that curates the best on trend pieces from independent sustainable brands and that many of these labels are more affordable—we just had to share it.

New e-commerce platform Noa Vee wants to provide you with a refined selection of unique, sustainably-minded fashion. Founder Beth Fuller wanted to make it easier for us to shop with a clear conscience, knowing our choices aren’t doing harm. She explains, “More and more consumers now are interested in the people and ideas behind what they buy. Being sustainable has an emotional tie to it which really makes it resonate. From cups to coats, the rise in sustainability has given brands a reason to create things that people would want to buy anyway—it's simply a bonus that it's not harming the planet. ”

Noa Vee: Brown Edas jewels handbag worn with jeans


Edas jewels

Beth believes we can all be more sustainable in our choices: “Learn the story behind a brand or product—and look for eco alternatives to the things you need and like. You don't have to sacrifice your personal style—there are so many incredible creatives out there offering chic designs. Before you buy say, a white shirt—check and see if there’s an eco-alternative that uses organic or recycled cotton. Often there will be, Google is your friend!” We ask Beth the scoop on the coolest brand around ATM, “I absolutely love swimwear brand Galamaar—they create their pieces from recycled ocean waste. Their one pieces and bikinis are each cut to perfectly accentuate the female form— whilst being comfortable and functional. They really suit all women’s body shapes.”

Beth does believe the industry is changing. “I'm noticing a lot more brands taking on ethical and sustainable approaches which is incredible, however, the downside to this is that it's become a bit of a buzzword and almost drowns out the independent brands which have had these values at their core for a long time. I see sustainability one day becoming a requirement across the board rather than something to capitalise on. That's why I select brands for the store that are stylish, unique and rooted in a story. As I see the relationship between content and commerce changing, my aim with Noa Vee is to make it as seamless as possible for people to find and shop these incredible brands that deserve recognition.”

Keep scrolling to see our favourite picks—wish lists at the ready…

We want to wear these gorgeous earrings with a pretty wrap dress. Each piece from Edas Jewels is handmade using sustainable materials.

We are in love with this quirky tote. Plus, with an under-the-radar brand you're guaranteed no outfit twinning. 

Not Magic Shop believes great design should be accessible and sustainable. We can't get enough of their unique accessories.

This chic reusable bag that will last you a lifetime and will it'll always on trend, no matter the season. 

This is the perfect top for your holiday wardrobe. 

Can't stop buying tortoiseshell accessories? Us neither.

Each of Nanette's pieces are made to order—meaning all of the style, none of the waste.

Made from quality Irish linen, this staple is designed to be "lived in and held onto for a lifetime."

These unique earrings will elevate your casual 'jeans and tee' weekend outfit.

Made using nylon from discarded fishing nets (they make up 10% of all ocean pollution.) This fabric is engineered to last—with quality construction and fit retention. 

All Yoster jewellery is made ethically, through a combination of 3D printing and handcrafting.

We told you face print pieces would be huge this Summer.

These classic earrings, which are handmade in Portugal, are perfect for everyday wear.

A wear-with-everything bag if we ever saw one.

This will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Made from ocean waste, Galamaar have designed this swim top to double as everyday wear.

It's time you got on board with the statement earring trend.

We're currently crushing on this shade of light lilac. Halo Labels make their tops from medical pure cotton for extra softness.

Nanette's founder visits a local market every week to select fabrics to make the brand's garments. Most are rescued 'deadstock' fabrics or are from re-purposed vintage clothing.

So, it is possible to buy ethically and look stylish—no excuses.

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