Your Lips Have Been Waiting for These Smudge-Free Lipsticks

There's no betrayal quite like a lipstick that appeared to be the one, and then an activity such as having lunch, sipping from a water bottle or wearing a face mask, shows its true colours. 

The disappointment of witnessing the remnants of your lipstick decorating your bottle or lunchtime fork is all so very hard to bear. Let's not even get started on the lipstick that's now smudged way outside of the confines of your lip line. 

All this to say, with face masks being a new part of our routine, this is not the economy for wearing lipsticks that smudge. There's some criteria that's needed when it comes to the best no-smudge lipsticks. It needs to stay put and not leave a Joker-esque smile on the lining of your new floral print face mask, but it can't leave lips feeling drier than 6 hours into a flight without lip balm

Luckily, we've done the legwork to find the best formulas around, so keep scrolling for the smudge-free lipsticks you need to know.

No Smudge Lipsticks: Peony Lim



Worried about your lips drying out but in need of a formula that doesn't budge? You're in luck here, as this will stay firmly on your lips and there's no wishy-washy colour either. Strong colour pay-off only. 

The modern-day classic that had everyone obsessed with the super matte lip. It dries in seconds and will always be the last one standing, whether you're wearing it to a spinning class or getting your lips around a double stacked burger. 

Some pre-warning, it's pretty impossible to only pick one shade in this stellar line-up of both wearable and bold hues. The formula is reminiscent of buffing a soft powder brush on your lips and it'll only leave when you choose to remove it. 

Yes, we all want long-lasting lipsticks but the formula shouldn't weigh your lips down in order to make that happen. With one of the most weightless formulas out there, it has the moisturising benefits of avocado oil to prep lips for a day of lipstick wearing.  

This lipstick can do no wrong. The shape of the applicator ensures that you'll always get a precise finish and with these next-level shades, you'll be glad that you'll get to wear it all day long. 

We've all been transfixed by someone walking past us who had the most perfectly applied lipstick in a really dramatic shade. Honestly, they were probably wearing this. You can't beat it for a finish that looks like a pro has applied it. 

So accurate, it's even written on the packaging. This certainly does stay all day and that's exactly why you'll find a few shades of the bleed-free formula in every beauty editor's collection. 

Mattes are your best option for being long-lasting, but sometimes a little sheen is called for. This crayon has a creamy texture so you'll have all the lip comfort you need, without sacrificing on longevity. 

There's nothing worse than when a liquid lipstick starts cracking after a few hours and makes your lips look like peeling paint. This formula won't be doing that as there's lip-softening vitamin E and camellia oil in here. Plus, you're also getting divine shades that won't leave a trail of lip prints. 

Ribena stained lips are where it's at and depending on the finish you prefer, you can wear this as a really light, pinched lips kind of stain or layer it on for a bolder look. Either way, you won't feel like you have anything on your lips. 

Prepare yourself for the compliments and questions asking how you're managing to keep your lipstick in place. The two part lipstick is the OG when it comes to long-lasting formulas and you can count on it to see you through both a heatwave and a three course meal.

Get the best of both worlds, by applying the colour before heading out, and if you're wearing a mask you can add the gloss once you've taken it off to keep your lips looking on point. 

It's an absolute blessing that this lipstick is the price it is, as it makes for the perfect excuse to snap up several shades. You won't find any lipstick transfer here as the matte .formula has you covered

When liquid lipsticks were first having their big moment, this was the brand that flooded YouTube comment sections. You'll understand why, with its speedy dry-down, comfort and superlative ability to stay adhered to your lips. Not to mention the plethora of must-have shades. 

Get both your lips and cheeks in on the action if you're looking for a lightweight formula. This stain works with you, so you can leave the house with a light stain that build on it if you want a bolder look, later in the day.

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