The No-Knickers Dress Is Now a Thing Thanks to This French Brand

While you don't necessarily have to wear underwear underneath your clothing, it's generally accepted as the done thing. With plenty of excellent no-VPL knickers out there, as well as barely-there thongs, the need to go commando has almost been rendered obsolete. Unless you fancy it, that is. However, thanks to the new cult dress that's sweeping the fashion scene, you might have to reconsider your allegiance to your lingerie. 

Over the last few months, I've noticed more and more influencers wearing dresses and skirts with cutout sides, nearly all of which come from one particular brand; Marcia

Launched in 2019, the French sustainable fashion brand began to catch the eye of those in the know with its daring designs last year, and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing this spring. While it also boasts an array of trousers and tops, and other dresses for that matter, the pieces that are helping Marcia make its mark on the industry are the Tchikiboum dress and skirt, both of which boast exposed sides.

Speaking of the design, its creator Emma Reynaud reveals, "I wanted to create a silhouette and design that wasn't the answer to the masculine diktat."

Now, you could absolutely style them over trousers or, as Reynaud suggests, "a pair of biker shorts and sneakers," but many are favouring to wear them on their own, sans knickers, thus igniting the no-knickers fashion trend. The big question is, are you prepared to go knickerless to wear one? Personally, I'm for it. 

Ingrained in my memory is the episode of Friends where Rachel takes so long to get ready, but then she emerges in an incredible sage green dress and reveals that, yes, she's going commando. It's confident and empowering and, thanks to the high necklines and midi hemlines on Marcia's Tchikiboum dress, it still feels classy. Plus, after almost a year of wearing joggers and jumpers, I'm certainly in need of some excitement in the wardrobe department. My only concern would be regarding the miniskirt. Could you actually wear it without the worry of having, well, revealing more than you'd like? Perhaps I'll build up to it. Failing that you can, of course, wear them with underwear underneath, akin to the exposed bra strap vibe.

Keep scrolling to see how influencers are wearing the no-knickers fashion trend. Then shop Marcia's best-selling creations, plus other cutout and slit dresses and skirts. 

No Knickers Fashion Trend: @iblamelaik wears a red cut out side dress


No Knickers Fashion Trend: @maria_bernad wears a black out out dress with crystals


No Knickers Fashion Trend: @wearmarcia's orange open side dress


No Knickers Fashion Trend: @wearmarcia's white cut out dress


No Knickers Fashion Trend: @handinfire wears a red cut out side dress





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