No Dorky Gifts Allowed: We Found The Best Presents For Dad

Whether the father in your life is a master griller, sports junkie, or cocktail enthusiast, we’ve found 25 fantastic gift ideas for every budget that are sure to please your (potentially) dapper dad! Click through now for all of our picks. 

Who: The Caffeine Connoisseur 


What: Handsome Coffee Roasters 1lb Dapper Espresso ($23)
?Why: We are deeply partial to this delightful coffee--served at our local go-to, The Hart & The Hunter--and have a hunch this is just the sort of wake-up call dads will appreciate. He'll be in good company: cult restaurants including LA's Ink, Red Medicine, and Tasting Kitchen all serve Handsome Roasters.


Who: The On-The-Go Guy
What: Power Mate Plus for J. Crew Backup Battery for iPhone ($40)
?Why: Dads like being prepared, so make sure he's always got juice for his phone with this cute backup battery.

Who: Every Dad
What: Banana Republic Tumbled Leather Belt ($50)
Why: Studies have shown that dads have a really hard time buying themselves nice belts. (OK, maybe we're just speaking for our own pops.) Regardless, they're probably never going to buy themselves a cool belt, so why not spring for this classic option? 

Who: The Storyteller
What: The Wire: The Complete Series ($95)
Why: Because all men love The Wire. All of them. Seriously.

Who: The Game-Loving Guy
What: Target Speedminton Fun Set ($29)
Why: He can brush up on his Speedminton skills--and partake in some friendly competition!--from the comfort of his own backyard. Bonus points: this present will appeal to young dads (it's charmingly retro!) and older dads (it's charmingly nostalgic!) alike. 

Who: The Secretly Chic Dad
What: Hotel 1171 Stripe Socks ($10)
Why: These socks are a subtle way for your pops to show off his more playful side at work. 

Who: The Grooming Guru
What: Harry’s Winston Shave Set ($25)
Why: Managing all of that face hair is like trekking through a jungle--slow going and potentially dangerous. This shave set makes manscaping easy with three German-engineered blades, Harry’s special shaving cream, and an aluminium alloy handle. 

Who: The Business Man
What: Eclectic by Tom Dixon Copper Jack Paperweight ($95)
Why: So maybe he's not a mogul like Jay-Z, but he does have a desk that needs a little personality. Our solution is simple: get him this awesome copper jack paperweight. Tell him it's quirky and unique, just like his jokes, and he's sure to love it. 

Who: The Mixology Maestro
What: The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart ($9)
Why: Drink recipes + booze history = total dad fodder

Who: The Classicist
What: Cole Haan Vesey Slim Wallet ($98) in Blazer Blue Croc Print
Why: It’s sleek, stylish, and will fit perfectly into his pocket! 

Who: The Whiskered Wonder
What: Baxter of California Beard Comb ($14)
Why: Because yes, his facial hair needs a comb too! (Then you can follow up this present with some artisanal beard oil for his birthday, ensuring he's the most hipster dad in his 'hood.)

Who: The Grill Guy
What: Big Green Egg BBQ Grill ($849)
Why: He’ll be able to serve up delicious barbecue all summer long with this three-in-one cooker, which functions as a smoker, grill, and oven. 

Who: The Nose-It-All
What: Byredo Mister Marvellous Cologne ($220) in 100mL
Why: Byredo makes some of the world's most incredible fragrances--Kate Bosworth and Erin Wasson are both fans--including this woodsy wonder. With notes of Mandarin leaves, green lavender, and white cedarwood, it's a fabulous cologne that fathers are sure to flip for.  


Who: The Music Man
What: Coach x Tivoli New Bleecker Leather Wrapped Tivoli Radio 1418 ($348)
Why: Because when was the last time a portable radio looked this cool? Now he can listen to his favourite tunes wherever he goes!

Who: The Gadget Guy
What: Cocktail Kingdom Professional Ice Ball Maker ($150)
Why: What do you get the man who has everything? A professional ice ball maker. Because ice cubes are for punks.

Who: The Handy Dad
What: G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife ($329)
Why: No one really needs a pocketknife in this day and age, but there's still something satisfying about this simple steel iteration. Plus, it might just come in handy the next time he needs to take care of some Manchego on picnic night. 

Who: Mr. Prompt
What: Gucci Coupé Watch Extra Large Stainless Steel Case ($1250)
Why: A watch says a lot about a man, so make sure your dad looks super fresh with this understated yet luxurious Gucci timepiece. It's chic, nonchalant, and a wonderful look for summer.

Who: The Manhattan Man (we mean the drink, not the place, but either works)
What: Jefferson's Presidential Select 21-Year-Old Bourbon ($120)
?Why: Between Mad Men and Justified, bourbon is bigger than ever. While Pappy Van Winkle is the cult label du jour, it's expensive, rare, and thankfully not your only option. One worth saving up for: Jefferson's Presidential Select 21-Year-Old Bourbon, a top-of-the line bourbon that's bound to make dad smile. Too much of an investment?'s editor-in-chief Noah Rothbaum suggests a basic bottle of Buffalo Trace ($21), which is made in the same distillery where Pappy Van Winkle is created. 

Who: The Sports Lover
What: Leather Head Handmade Football ($129)
Why: Because you have great memories of tossing a football around with your pops--or you feel like making some. 

Who: The Beach Babe
What: Olasul Light Blue Swim Trunks ($120)
Why: These vaguely vintage-looking swim trunks are a win-win for both of you. He can rest assured that he’s the most stylish dad at the beach, and you no longer have to be embarrassed by those cheesy, baggy, Hawaiian-print board shorts.

Who: The Stylish Techie
What: Sandqvist Arne Laptop Bag ($235)
Why: Transporting his laptop is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean a lame computer bag is a requirement too. Save him from a life of carrying his MacBook around a lame neoprene sleeve by giving him this cute canvas and leather bag instead. 

Who: The Sports Fanatic
What: Solé The Micklish Bike ($379)
Why: Bicycles can be ridiculously, prohibitively expensive. This one is ultra lightweight, has style in spades and a reputation for performance too, but best of all, it also comes with a relatively attainable price tag. 

Who: Captain Cool
What: Steven Alan Monroe Sunglasses ($145) in Matte Black
Why: While wrinkles admittedly do look kind of good on a guy, you don't want your dad squinting all day in the sun. Give him these shades to inject a little Steve McQueen attitude into his summertime look. 

Who: The Running Man
What: Nike Free Trainer 5.0 iD Men's Training Shoes ($135)
Why: Whether he's running around town or simply running errands, his feet will be happy in these customisable Nikes.

Who: The Sound Savant
What: Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones ($300)
Why: We've yet to meet a dad who didn't like these incredible Bose headphones, and we have a feeling yours isn't going to be the exception to that rule. Pair them with The Wire for the ultimate present.