This Insta-Famous Makeup Artist's Beauty Bag Is Worth £266—Here's What's Inside

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s really inside the makeup bags of the most stylish women in the industry, you’re in luck. We’ve created a new column, Show Me the (Makeup) Money, to uncover the beauty products our fashion friends genuinely keep in their daily rotation—and how much their stash actually costs. I’ll be delving inside their bags on your behalf and totting up every item in there, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Not only will you be left with an incredible shopping list but a realistic price tag to boot. Is there someone whose makeup bag you’re dying to see inside? Slide into my Instagram DMs with your requests, and I’ll see what I can do. This month we’re delving inside the everyday makeup bag of British makeup artist Nikki Wolff, aka Nikki Makeup on Instagram.

Given her status as a global makeup ambassador for Becca Cosmetics, it’s perhaps no surprise that Nikki Beauty’s trademark is a beautiful glow. Seriously, if you want a highlighter recommendation, head over to her Instagram for luminosity in abundance. Her professional life has seen her work with everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Dua Lipa, and on Instagram, she serves up daily inspiration and behind-the-scenes snapshots to her 745,000 followers. And it’s not just on her clients that London-based Nikki promotes the glowy life to. Her personal makeup look is all about dewy skin, lush brows and plenty of radiance, so I couldn’t wait to take a peek inside her makeup bag to find out which products she uses herself on a daily basis. Keep scrolling to discover Nikki’s everyday beauty must-haves (totalling £266) for yourself.

“I love having really radiant skin, and this foundation is great for adding the coverage I need without actually covering up too much. It blurs out pores and evens skin tone while giving a fresh, dewy finish. Plus it has a really creamy and light texture, so you can build up the coverage or just wear a sheer layer.”

“This is the only thing that keeps my brows in place, and I have a lot of brow. It’s also slightly tinted, so it adds a bit more coverage, and means I can go lighter on the brow pencil or wear it alone for days where I want to have a more natural look. Plus it combs through brows really smoothly and doesn’t leave residue on the skin.”

“I love this stain for my cheeks. All my clients who I’ve used it on have loved it too because of the rosy flush it gives that looks super natural. I find liquid blushes melt seamlessly into the skin, and they’re so much easier to diffuse for a natural-looking finish.”

“I always add this to my foundation when I want a more bronzed glow or if I’m tanned. It’s an instant pick-me-up for the skin with a really sheer finish and a light, gel texture, so it’s easy to blend without being too harsh (as scary as it might look straight out of the tube). My advice is to diffuse this into the skin as soon as you’ve applied it and apply little by little.”

“I’m never without a winged eyeliner, and this is my hero product to create a really sharp, defined wing. It has a flexible, super-fine tip, so it’s easy to use and manoeuvre, but also firm enough to control. This one has amazing staying power, and once it’s dried, it will last all day. Also, it’s a really deep, dense black pigment, so it looks great and stands out whether worn alone or with a sultry smoky eye.”

“I can’t go anywhere without this brush! It’s double-ended, so it saves space in my makeup bag, and the smaller side is especially great for concealing more detailed areas such as under the eyes and around the nose.”

“My signature glow is always finished with this highlighter. It looks amazing in person and on camera, and is always my finishing touch for myself and my clients. The powder is really finely milled, so it glides on to the skin smoothly without looking heavy, and I love that it has a variety of shades to suit all skin tones, but my favourite is Moonstone. It’s the perfect frosting for cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes and down the nose bridge.”

“Eyelash curlers are an absolute essential for me. These have a great grip that gets every lash for a really smooth curl that lasts all day. My top tip is to curl your lashes before you sleep so they’re already softly curled in the morning.”

“This mascara isn’t called Superhero for no reason. It gives incredible volume and length, and literally lasts all day without smudging. It has a special technology that actually stretches the look of your lashes, and I love the shape of the brush, which coats each individual eyelash without clumping or feeling too wet.”

“I’m obsessed with lip balm, but to keep my lips really hydrated and also add some colour, this is my go-to. The shade Bare is a very sheer, peachy pink. As much as a lip oil might sound uncomfortable, it’s more of a super-lightweight gel that feels refreshing (rather than sticky like a gloss). It’s full of essential oils and vitamins to really soften the lip, so you get a two-in-one lip treatment with a hint of colour.”

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