Nike Features Normal People (Who Hate Working Out)

Unless you're a certified gym rat, your workout experience might go something like this: Debate about whether or not to even take that Spin class, finally convince yourself you should, race into the room to find an empty spot, and begin dreading that you'll look ridiculous next to all the regulars with perfect form. Sure, you're happy once you complete the class (go you!), but it's an internal struggle to get to that point.

While the athletes around may not understand you, Nike sure does. As Racked pointed out, its latest campaign, #betterforit, highlights very relatable workout problems, like how to concentrate during a yoga session and figuring out just how to make it to that finish line, along with motivation to encourage you to actually hit your personal fitness goals—despite how hard it may be.

Scroll through to watch the ad, and catch four other shorts here. And if you're feeling inspired to shop what you see, just do it below.

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