Nike Are Going Seriously High-Tech On Your Next Sneaks

What's in store: Nike recently filed for two patents that shed light on what the company has up its sleeve. According to Quartz, the first patent document reveals that the brand is working on a sneaker with a built-in activity tracker. "The patent suggests it would perform many of the functions of other wearables, monitoring a runner’s distance, speed, and calories burned," Quartz reports. "Nike could use that information to map a run route and allow you to set different goals." The other patent document concerns new, highly detailed methods of customising sneakers—even down to the pattern and type of material. It's safe to say we'll be waiting with bated breath for these ideas to come to life! In the meantime, click here to shop Nike. [Quartz

In other news...

Congratulations are in order: Fashion insider and blogger extraordinaire Garance Doré announced her engagement to jazz musician Chris Norton on Instagram today. She gave us more details on her blog, writing: "2016 is the year I’m going to get married!!! It’s crazy. It’s amazing. And it’s really proof that with a little confidence in life, anything can happen. I’m working on a huge post to tell you everything about it super soon." [Garance Doré]

Buzzy new book: Marie Kondo has finally released the much-anticipated follow-up to her hugely popular first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Dubbed Spark Joy, the second tome delves into more specific details about how to declutter. Click here to order your copy! [MyDomaine

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