Can Nike's Bum-Bag Slides Really Replace a Handbag? We Put Them to the Test

On 31 May, over 54 articles were published about one pair of pool slides. Before Gareth Southgate's Marks and Spencer waistcoat, it was Nike's "hands-free" shower shoes with bum-bag pockets over the toes that were making international headlines. I have been trying to get a pair of the slides since 31 May, and 42 days (and a long email chain) later, a monochrome pair arrived at Who What Wear UK's London office for me to try. We wanted to test whether or not it's possible to leave the house with everything you need for the day securely placed in the front of these shoes. Considering I carry a canvas tote bag almost every day because I can't fit everything in my mini handbag, I suspected the answer was going to be a firm no.

The first problem? The slides didn't fit me. So Isabel Mundigo-Moore, WWW UK's social media editor (our Cinderella for the day), wore them instead for a coffee break and to run some errands. These are the things that she managed to take along for the walk: chewing gum, debit card, driving license, hair slide, house keys (if you carry one key and don't have a janitor set like I do, that is) and a lipstick.

Alternatively, you could forget all of that and fit one bag of M&M's in one pocket and a Daim bar in the other if snacks are your main priority.