I'm interning with a fashion brand this summer. What should I wear that's profes

One mistake I see many young women entering the fashion industry make is thinking that they can wear the most cutting-edge looks to the office. Remember: even though fashion is less traditional than say, banking or law, you still need to look professional. One suggestion is to invest in a few pairs of harem pants or silky trousers in unexpected hues like mint or mustard; they're lightweight enough for sweltering days and comfortable too. In many offices shorts are acceptable as well-a fuller, swishy style or even a skort are safe bets-just make sure the silhouette and length are on the modest side. You can even wear leather shorts in certain cases; simply look for a pair with tailoring, menswear-inspired details, and a longer hemline. In other words: no hot pants! As for your top half, you really can't go wrong with a silky blouse-long sleeves will add a little polish if you're wearing shorts-whether that's in a solid or a print. It's also good to have some collared sleeveless shirts on hand; they're a versatile basic and definitely dressier than a shell or t-shirt. (For extra points, look for interesting details like a double layer or embellished collar.) It's also smart to have a summery blazer in your wardrobe because it will elevate basic jeans and a t-shirt into a look that's on-point for casual Fridays. Finally, let's talk shoes! Interns tend to go on lots of errands, so simple flats are definitely going to be your friend, plus they can add a pop of colour to your outfit. A woven ballerina is another cute option or go for a flat sandal, just make sure it's not something you'd normally wear to the beach. If flats are not an option, I'd recommend sticking to a wedge over a stiletto, simply because they're easier to run around in. Finally, because we are talking about the fashion industry, some experimentation is allowed, which means you can totally incorporate a few interesting accessories into your work outfits. That can mean things like a bright turban, studded headband, or print head wrap; it's totally your call. Have fun and congratulations on your internship!

Congratulations on your internship!