How can I wear the sheer trend, but still hide the parts of my figure that I'm s

I don't want you to fear the sheer trend, but I totally understand your concerns because there's definitely a difference between peek-a-boo chic and the did-she-forget-her-slip look. That's why my go-to advice is to invest in some key underpinnings: it's all about the foundation garments. In terms of shapewear, there are so many great options on the market, including everything from midsection shapers to sculpting slips and slimming bodysuits. From there you can always pick a skirt or sheath dress that's sheer but lined, so you won't need an additional slip. However, if the garment in question is sheer but unlined-say, a translucent shirtdress, an ethereal maxi dress, a filmy blouse, or a gauzy skirt-you'll need another layer in addition to your shapewear, like a thin slip or cami. If your outer layers are pastel, go for nudes and blushes; if they're darker, black is usually best. You also can always go for a chemise or cami with lace or lace details, and don't worry if you can see a hint of it through your sheer pieces. It can really add another layer of depth to your outfit and be a very alluring detail!