Can you give me some fresh ideas about how to style cutoffs in a more sophistica

Cutoffs are a summer staple and a go-to cover-up for the beach, but they certainly can be styled in a way that's appropriate for occasions not involving sand. While blue denim cutoffs are definitely a classic option, one way to make these shorts feel a little more special is to pick a non-traditional colour. Why not go for an electric pink, for example, or a vibrant fuchsia? White cutoffs are also another excellent option; pick a style with frayed hems if you're a bit bohemian or a slightly longer, cuffed pair if you prefer a more polished look. Instead of styling your shorts with a t-shirt or tank, wear them with a cute collared shirt. Whether that top is crisp and short-sleeved, sleeveless, or bright and silky is up to you. You can even go for a double-denim look with a chambray shirt if you want; the point is to pick something that has interesting details. To further that idea, you can also add a solid or print blazer for a little extra sophistication. As for your shoes, you can still wear sandals, but look for something with multiple textures or straps. A bright ballet flat is another nice option, or you can even go for a lace-up moccasin or comfy wedge boot if you want something more substantial. Whatever you pick, just remember to style your cutoffs with slightly dressier basics and you'll be good to go!