Can you suggest an appropriate alternative to denim cutoffs for the beach? I nee

If you're looking for something incredibly easy yet glamorous for the beach, my first instinct is to direct you to a caftan. A tribal pattern always looks amazing, but you can really go for any bold print (like feather, animal, or one that's inspired by Native American textiles). If you like the idea of a print, but want something a little tamer, try a shorter caftan with a monochromatic pattern; it won't feel so overwhelming. The great thing about these cover-ups is that they really conceal what you're wearing underneath, so your suit doesn't need to coordinate. If these options are too boho for you and you'd prefer to take a preppy angle, you could always pick up a little lightweight shirtdress for the beach; it would look so cute with a little gingham swimsuit. For the risktakers out there I'd suggest going for a really impactful look by combining a shredded tunic over either a bright bikini or a metallic suit, either of which will really pop through the sexy, edgy cover-up. Finally, if you are more of a minimalist, I recommend picking up a simple tank or t-shirt dress. It can be very understated, streamlined and striped, or totally classic, the key is to find something with an uncomplicated shape in a colour you love!