Everyone's Suddenly Shopping at Next Again—Here's What They're Buying

When I was younger, I'd spend hours leafing through my mother's Next directory. I actually think it's where my obsession with clothes came from. Together, we'd choose the pieces she'd buy, and afterwards, I was allowed to choose an outfit of my own, which she'd then order over the phone along with her items.

Now, before I get all nostalgic and start referring to the '90s as "the good old days," let's skip to the now. Next is still a heavyweight on the high-street circuit, but it's a store I've been guilty of overlooking the past few years.

But that's no longer the case. Recently, I've noticed countless influencers wearing Next buys, and it has reignited my interest in the brand. Initially, it was Danielle Ward who piqued my interest with her sage blazer. Soon after, WWW UK columnist Monikh found a brilliant leopard-print dress I swiftly bought. Then Nicole Ocran's gingham blazer sealed the deal. 

Another coup for the brand is Label Mix, Next's collection of investment pieces from the industry's rising designer stars. Over the years, we've been treated to edits from Isa Arfen and Kitri; the latest addition comes from Laura Jackson, who has created an array of gorgeous knits, all of which have found themselves on my wish list.

Seeing as I'm clearly a Next obsessive, who better to bring you Who What Wear UK's definitive edit of Next's best buys? Keep scrolling to see how influencers are wearing their Next finds, and then shop my edit.

Next Best Buys: Nicole Ocran wears a top-to-toe Next outfit



Nicole Ocran wears a top-to-toe Next outfit. 

Alice and Hannah wear a variety of Next clothing, which they've accessorised with Chloé bags. 

Next Best Buys: Emma Hill wears a Next boiler suit



Emma Hill wears a khaki jumpsuit from Next with layered gold necklaces.

Danielle Ward pairs a linen blazer from Next with a pair of printed shorts and strappy sandals.

Laura Jackson pairs her wide-leg denim culottes from Next with a classic stripe top and red heels. 

Next Best Buys: Monikh Dale wears a leopard print dress from Next



Monikh Dale wears a leopard-print dress from Next with metallic sandals and an oversized tote. 


This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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