The "Yes, I'm a Supermodel" Trend We're Spotting All Over Instagram

In the last day or so a niche trend has emerged via the social accounts of our most trusted modern-day supermodels. Not a continued obsession with revealing one's underboob or swapping leggings for an altogether more controversial item, no, right now there couldn't be a single Instagram outfit worthy of a snap without a certain hat. Introducing the newsboy cap: A hat of the 19th century favoured by working boys then, and the piece du jour for high-profile working models now.

With a host of hats topping the runway's most important looks for A/W 17, is it any wonder the A-list has shifted their attention from statement earrings to another kind of face-framer? For the coming season, you'll find these rounded caps taking flight everywhere from Chanel to Marc Jacobs and back again. It was indeed this particular kind of hat style we only called out a few days ago as a key affordable piece to invest in our seasonal shopping list.

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