4 NYFW Trends That Are in Your Wardrobe Already

It was hot, hot, hot in New York City for spring/summer 2017's fashion week—and the runway clothes mirrored it: cool crop tops, dramatically billowing dresses and loose-fit tailoring provided the DNA for the kind of easy-breezy pieces designers have turned their attention to for next summer. So scorching have these September fashion weeks become over the pond, it's no wonder that time and again the most trusted trends are used as fashion's coping mechanisms. Why fix what isn't broken? Why suffer in the heat? The createurs are reinventing, revitalising and reworking them to perfection; this method keeps us coming back for more, but also allows us to wear last summer's big purchase without feeling dated. 

It would've been all too easy for those with strong connections to swipe the new looks straight from the runway, ditch their existing clothes, and head out into the sun-drenched sidewalks of The Big Apple. But good news for those of you who don't have the Proenza Schouler boys on speed dial—plenty of the topline trends are sitting in your wardrobe. We just know it. Go through the gallery to see New York's top looks you already have nailed.