8 Street Style Looks That Justify Breaking the Fashion Rules

It would appear that adverse conditions bring out the best styling tricks. Case in point: The current climes of New York City are by no means conducive to obvious outfit mastery. It's not possible to bare legs. It's not even really possible to bare your nose, let alone any other extremities. So just how are the fashion lot using this to their advantage? By breaking the rules. 

Layering that bandana scarf over a roll-neck, for example. Or by piling on two, three or four jackets so you become a (chic) walking, talking human duvet. Maybe it's the strange mash-ups like sparkling jewellery set against an all-terrain bomber that twinkle with the most promise. Keep scrolling to see all of the unexpected but highly applicable styling hacks you can steal today…

Broken Rule #1: You can't tie coats around your waist.


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Style Notes: Taylor Tomasi Hill's double-jacket (maybe even triple-jacket) action here should not be ignored. If you thought tying your excess fashion baggage around your waist was oh so dated, think again. Here she creates a peplumed silhouette, but she also keeps her (literal) cool by not needing to wear all the jackets at once. Add that into her all-terrain cargo pants, hiking boots and jaunty scarf, and this is grown-up Girl Scout at its coolest.

Key piece: Jackets. Plural.

Broken Rule #2: Ankle swingers and best left alone.


Style du Monde

Style Notes: Actually, ankle swingers are winter's NBF. Why? Because you get to wear your new flares without dragging them through the slush. So no more will you feel like your feet have been dip-dyed in ice, but—bonus points—you'll also be looking rather directional too.

Key Buy: Cropped flares. And some covered-toe boots to keep your silhouette long.

Broken Rule #3: Hoodies are not for fashion week.


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Style Notes: With spring's utility mood, you can wear whatever casual pieces you want—sloppy hoodies included—on the streets, provided you find a way to smarten them up. Here Zanna Rassi Roberts does that perfectly with a tweed mini skirt.

Key Buy: Hoodie!

Broken Rule #4: Two jackets will make you look bulky.

Style Notes: There's no reason why two well-layered, well-cut jackets worn together should make you look bulky. In fact, having these warm but cropped proportions can do wonders if you want to show off slim-fit trousers or jeans underneath. Just check that your jackets have different silhouettes and hemlines (one slimmer and shorter than the other for the top layer) like Leaf Greener, pictured here.

Key Buy: A denim jacket to get started.

Broken Rule #5: Patchwork and ditsy florals are for grandmas.


Style du Monde

Style Notes: As so deftly proven by Preetma Singh here, ditsy florals and retro patchwork can most certainly be brought into the here and now and injected with a hefty dose of punk spirit. Her mix and match approach, along with stompy boots and saccharine pink faux fur, puts these dainty blooms in bad-ass territory.

Key Buy: Literally anything with a ditsy floral print.

Broken Rule #6: Pleated skirts do not go with trousers.


Style du Monde

Style Notes: Oh Taylor Tomasi Hill, you are spoiling us this week! Here is the fashion maestro again, giving more great layering tips. This time it's less about the amount on her top half and more about the bottom. Why not get extra mileage out of your favourite pleated skirt by sticking it over some skinny pants? The tonal colour combination helps keep things streamlined. 

Key Buy: A pleated skirt, if you haven't got a trillion already.

Broken Rule #7: Ladylike jewellery and army surplus should not meet.


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Style Notes: It's just these kind of alternative ideas that we always rely on über-blogger Pernille Teisbaek for. Who else would think to wear a camo jacket with glamorous cocktail earrings?

Key Buy: A good pair of chandeliers will always help you out.

Broken Rule #8: Scarves can't got over roll-necks.


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Style Notes: Blogger Aimee Song may be more used to Californian sunshine but she certainly knows how to bring the fashion action to the frozen streets of NYC. That amazing bag aside (it's from Chloé and yes, we want), we were into the combination she had going on of a bandana scarf over her roll-neck. Double the cosiness, double the impact.

Key Buy: A printed foulard.

Which styling tricks get you through the winter? And will you try any of these? Let us know in the comments box below…

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