7 Style Tricks Every New York City Girl Relies On

There seems to be a consensus among members of the fashion community that New York girls just do it better. Paris might still be the reigning fashion capital of the world, but there's a certain je ne sais quoi about the way NYC gals dress.

To help us capture that essence, we enlisted the help of Marissa Webb, our resident stylist and full-time New York City resident. We asked her: What is this magical formula NYC girls use to get dressed everyday?

"I don’t think there is a must-use 'formula,' so I use that term loosely," Webb says. "However, I do think having a few styling tricks up our sleeves helps us New York gals pull it together every day."

Keep scrolling for Marissa Webb's top style tricks every New York City girl relies on!

Have your accessories ready to go! Always have accessories top of mind for days when you need to pump up your look and you don’t have the luxury of time. They can quickly take a look from simple to fashion-forward."

Because the pace of New York doesn’t slow down, we city ladies probably give our shoes a lot more thought than one would consider to be normal. One trick is pairing comfortable shoes with something dressy, or the reverse: pair dressy heels with something casual on top.

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Always think of opposites and contrast–an outfit usually looks more interesting with items that fall under different categories. Think long with short, dressy with casual, soft with hard, and masculine with feminine. This could be as simple as wearing a nicely tailored, straightforward suit and popping on a pair of dramatic chandelier earrings.

Know the proportions that work for you. Wearing heavy, slouchy layers on top? Style them over something slim on the bottom. If you're going slouchy and baggy on the bottom, pair it with something slim on top.

Have your third piece ready. New York City girls know you always need a third piece, even if it's 100 degrees out; once you walk into the office, you’re going to be freezing.

You should know when to go bold or go neutral with your makeup. My formula is one of opposites: If I’m wearing something bright and bold, I play down my makeup, and if I’m wearing neutral colours and need a pop, I’ll add a punched-up lip or eye.

Lastly, all New York girls know: when you're not sure what to wear and you're out of time, you can always rely on black or white.

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