We're Consciously Uncoupling From These 13 Fashion Things

Just like Gwyneth and Chris, we all have moments in life when we need to press pause, take stock and realise that, well, things just aren't working out. And while it might be tempting to impose a military-style fitness regimen or puritanical diet purely because it's January, we say stop weighing yourself down with unachievable goals; instead focus on letting go of the things that didn't serve you in 2018. And trust us—there are plenty of them.

So forget sit-ups and Slimfast, because we've brought you the 13 fashion things we're consciously uncoupling from. While there were plenty of positive developments in the industry over 2018, it was also a year full of out-of-touch trends, and our attitude to consumption was put into stark relief. It's time to press reset and get ready for a year of awesome style, with the added benefit of a fresh perspective. From the overload of #spon posts to "I've got nothing to wear" syndrome, scroll down to see what things we're parting ways with in 2019.

Jumping on Every Fashion Fad

To quote Mean Girls: "One time I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops. so I wore army pants and flip flops." If this iconic film has taught us anything, it's that blindly following the crowd is never a good idea. This is the year we're going to try and avoid jumping on the latest fashion bandwagon and instead swim against the tide by buying things we actually want, regardless of whether they're "in" or not.

Excessive Fashion Packaging

Dear retailers, please stop sending us boxes within boxes within boxes. We ordered a pendant necklace, and it does not need to be delivered in a container the size of a large Chihuahua. It's a pain to dispose of, it's wasteful and no one likes playing a giant game of pass the parcel on a Monday morning. Yours sincerely, disgruntled Who What Wear editors.

Influencers Who Only Post #Spon Posts

Last year saw the internet collectively cringe after a blogger published an Instagram #ad for Listerine where she revealed her "morning routine," complete with a full face of makeup and heart balloons. It seems the tide is turning and the general public is demanding more from what they see on social media. It is possible to do sponsored posts well (Erica Davies always gets the balance right), but for 2019, we'd just like to see a little less staging and a little more authenticity, please.

The Plastic Trend

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We hardly need to say it, but we hope 2019 is going to be the year we eliminate single-use plastic head-on. While most fashion items aren't designed to be single-use (sadly this isn't always the reality), we're still happy to be seeing the back of 2018's penchant for plastic and transparent pieces (who wants to reveal the interior of their handbag, anyway?); the look will only trickle down into fast fashion and become even more problematic. Some brands are offering recycled plastic to tap into the trend, so it's worth doing your research.

Retail Therapy

We've all been there: You're stressed/drunk/hungover/feeling sorry for yourself and need some comforting, so you shop online as a means of coping. The result is a steady stream of redundant parcels arriving at your desk in the following days. Guilt ensues. Rather than treating shopping as a way to assuage our stress, we're going to be more mindful of why we're buying things.

Trends That Only Work on Instagram 

From wearing sandals in sub-zero temps to sheer dresses, last year, Instagram was guilty of championing a number of trends that, for many, simply did not translate into real life. While we're all for a bit of fashion escapism (we're always promoting an each-to-their-own kind of mindset), perhaps neon latex only works in IG photos. For real life in 2019, we prescribe some @celestebarber.

Spending All Our Money on Coffee 

Budgeting is a bitch—but also a necessary evil if we don't want to end up on a diet of potatoes and cabbage for the last three months of 2019. If we're wanting to buy less but better quality, we need to think more about which things really bring us joy and which ones we could easily save our pennies on. One flat white a day for a year equates to £789. Just think of the possibilities…

Getting Bogged-Down by Labels

Everyone's talking about intuitive eating this year, so why not apply the same rules to fashion? Intuitive shopping is what we'll be doing in 2019. We all know that clothing sizes change from shop to shop, so we're going to try and ignore the number on the label and instead pick the things that make us feel good and are most flattering on our figures—regardless of whether they're our usual size or not.

Blow-the-Budget Basics 

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Hoodies for £400? T-shirts for £350? Nope, sorry—we're not buying it (literally). While we can understand the expertise and quality fabrics that go into a designer bag or pair of shoes (and some classic items like a cashmere jumper or perfect-fit jeans), we just can't get on board last year's trend for blow-the-budget streetwear. Unless it cures world hunger or, you know, makes our morning coffee, we're not interested.

Not Looking After Our Clothes

Despite working in fashion, we admit we're not always very good at looking after our clothes (there's a permanent pile of handwash-only items in the corner of our bedroom staring back at us). If we want pieces to stand the test of time, we have to treat them right: Think of buying mothballs, using lingerie bags in the wash and taking pieces to the tailors when they need fixing. Love your clothes and they'll love you back.

Fashion FOMO

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It's a tale as old as time: Girl meets Instagram, girl sees fashion blogger, girl feels insecure about her lack of designer clothing. Don't get us wrong—social media is great for so many things, but even the most seasoned fashion editor can fall victim to fashion FOMO when presented with a conveyor-belt of immaculately dressed individuals. Our mantra for 2019? I must stop comparing myself to other people.

"I've Got Nothing to Wear" Syndrome 

One day you'll open your wardrobe and it'll tell you you have nothing to wear. Oh, and that anything you do own makes you look like a sack of potatoes. Repeat after me: This is a lie. For 2019, we want to stick it to the wardrobe and have a joyful reunion with those items of clothes that haven't seen the light of day for years. Dig them out, mix them up and prepare to see long-lost gems take on a new lease of life.

Dressing for Other People

Do you remember when, aged 5, we'd wear whatever we wanted, regardless of how others perceived us? There were clashing colours, leggings layered under party dresses and sparkly things aplenty. So forget your feed and ignore your mother-in-law's raised eyebrow, because we want to bring a little more of this anarchic attitude into 2019. Call it a revival of dressing however you damn well please.

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