New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Plan

Let's be honest here: Not all of us will be going out this New Year's Eve. Last year lockdown left us with no option but to stay in, and although this year is allowing to hit the pub to see in 2022, not all of us want to go out and about. There's something great about getting dressed up to stay in, and spending the night with your nearest and dearest in your own is even better than ever. No bar queues, no £££ tickets to see some fireworks and no waiting for a cab home. There are a lot of perks to choosing to be propped up in your kitchen or on the sofa instead of a busy soirée.

NYE feels like that last opportunity to get dressed up in something sparkly and festive. I appreciate this sounds rather doom and gloom, but I don't mean it to. For starters, sequins aren't just for Christmas (wear them in the summer, people!), and who says you can't dress up for your sofa? This year, I very much plan on wearing the black sequin trousers I bought from Mango three years ago with a top TBD and a full face of makeup.

There are other options out there of course, which is why I've turned to my favourite fashion people on Instagram to show us how it's done. There are outfits that include head-to-toe sequins but also more pared-back looks that will suit minimalist tastes. There's a classic LBD or the LRD (little red dress) and plenty others, too. All you really need to know is that each and every one of the below looks can be worn with slippers or heels. Keep scrolling for more. 

1. The Full-Sequin Get-Up
new year's eve outfit ideas: zeena shah in head-to-toe green sequin outfit from whistles



Style Notes: Why not wear head to toe sequins? We adore a sequin co-ord for any New Year's Eve plans.

2. Fancy PJs
new year's eve outfit ideas: karine of style idealist in pink sleeper pyjamas



Style Notes: Arguably the most practical of outfits on NYE, fancy pyjamas allow for the smoothest transition from sofa to bed. 

3. A Nice Top and Trousers
new year's eve outfit ideas: emma rose thatcher in a polka dot top and a pair of black trousers



Style Notes: You can't beat a nice-top-and-trousers combo. Add a bright red lipstick to really give it oomph. 

4. A Suit and Graphic Tee
new year's eve outfit ideas: aimee song in a blue suit and a graphic tee



Style Notes: Want to be smart on NYE but don't want it to look corporate? Add a graphic tee. Take off the jacket when you want to dance around your home to Jools' Annual Hootenanny

5. The LBD
new year's eve outfit ideas: asos lotte in a black dress and a blue bag and blue heels



Style Notes: The ultimate unbeaten classic. If you want to make it feel a little livelier for NYE, add bold matching accessories. 

6. Bright Pink Dress and Gold Chain
new year's eve outfit ideas: bettina looney in a pink dress, white Attico heels and a gold necklace



Style Notes: Bright pink has been one of the colours of 2021 but I'm not over it. Bring it through to 2022 with a popping pink dress.

7. The LRD
new year's eve outfit ideas: chrissy rutherford in a red dress with black strappy heels



Style Notes: As much as the LBD is a classic, I have a soft spot for the LRD, too. Keep it sheer and frothy for a super-cute party dress. 

8. A Slip and a Jumper
new year's eve outfit ideas: danielle williams-eke in a black slip skirt and a black jumper



Style Notes: It's not all about sequins and bright colours. You can just as easily get into the "party on the sofa" mood by wearing a satin slip skirt and your favourite black jumper. Understated elegance. 

9. The Slip-and-Sequins Outfit
new year's eve outfit ideas: alexis foreman in a sequin top and a satin skirt



Style Notes: Going for the full-luxury look? You can't go wrong with sequins and satin. 

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