The 7 Pieces I Won't Wear This Season and the 7 Trends I'm Really Into

If it wasn't already clear from the icy winds and dark afternoons, we've fully crossed into winter territory. After spending the majority of autumn trying to navigate transitional dressing and fluctuating temperatures, I'm actually happy to welcome the consistency of winter. Winter is cold and wet, but at least we know where we stand. And, best of all, a new season means new shopping, and that's something I happen to do best. 

Every few months as we look at the season ahead and pull out the key trends that we think are worth noting, they usually fall into two different categories–the classic, wardrobe staples that have come back around for another year, and the buzzy new trends that will change the way we dress for the next year (at least). This year has certainly given us some talking points (the micro mini, Valentino pink, and the Y2K revival), and some instant bestsellers (the chunky boot, knit dresses, and logo bags), but when it comes to what to actually invest in I have a few thoughts. 

As a shopper editor I spend a lot of time looking through shows, street style and the market to bring you the pieces that I think you'll love the most, and after giving A/W 22 some serious thought, there are 7 clear trends that I'm retiring and 7 that I think are worth the hype. Of course, my thoughts are entirely subjective and I would never declare something as "over", so instead I've decided to "shelve" some of the trends for now in a bid to give their even better counterparts their chance to shine. So, if you want to know what a fashion editor will really be wearing this winter, keep scrolling for the 7 trends to save or shelve this season. 


We've all got a favourite pair of jeans in our wardrobe. The leg-lengthening ones, the bum-lifting ones, the ones that go with everything, and the ones we've had for years, but not all denim is created equal, and the same cannot be said of denim jackets. The jacket I bought a few summers ago is still at the back of the closet, wearing for a bout of inspiration, but until then it acts as fashion filler. There if I need it, still there when I don't, but however I look at it, it still feels a little bit dated, not to mention far too impractical for the chilly winter ahead. 


Style Notes: Now this is a jacket you can rely on. The tactile shearing jacket makes it's way to the top of my list every year, whether brightly coloured, longline or a classic aviator, you can't go wrong with cosy outerwear that combines comfort and cool.

New Winter Trends




It's fair to say that Barbiecore was one of the year's most divisive trends. While the bold, neon shade of fuchsia brightened up the runways and red carpets over summer, it didn't quite filter down to the high street in the way we expected. I was one of the first to excitedly share pictures of Zendaya and Anne Hathaway in "Valentino pink", but did I buy any for myself? Honestly, no. Something about hot pink just doesn't align with running errands and the weekly commute. 


New Winter Trends



Styling Notes: Fresh whites are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dark and dreary winter. Perhaps not the best look for the accident prone, but there are few colours that look quite as expensive as white when worn head-to-toe. Just mix and matches textures like fluffy cashmere and glossy leather, padded quilts and soft suede to wear the trend to maximum effect.

New Winter Trends



Okay, this one might take some explaining as a puffer coat is probably one of the first things you invest in as soon as the temperatures drop. I don't hate puffer coats, and in fact there are some exceptionally good styles on the high street right now (Arket, I'm looking at you). But, as practical as puffer coats are, they doesn't really work with your entire wardrobe. A case in point: your date-night dress. Or your Christmas party outfit. Or an elegant gown. I rest my case. 


New Winter Trends



Style Notes: If Zoë Kravitz, the Olsen twins, and Katie Holmes have taught us anything, its the prowess of a well-tailored maxi coat. No matter what you wear underneath, this long, boxy coat is the outfit, and thanks to its ageless appeal, it makes for one very wise investment.  


We have all had one of those nights in a pair of stiletto heels, and have the scars to prove it. Although they might look elegant, they rarely feel it, and as the sensible shopper I am, anything I buy has to be worth its cost-per-wear, and judging by the one pair of stilettos gathering dust in the back of my wardrobe, I'm not in any rush to add to my collection. 


New Winter Trends



Style Notes: If you've been checking out what's been happening below the ankles of London's most fashionable lately, you'll notice one thing in common. Chunky Chelsea boots.This unavoidable trend has gathered momentum in the last few years turning it from underground cult favourite to a full fledged bestseller, and when it comes to stylish footwear that will really go the distance, look no further than this cushioned, flatform sole. 

New Winter Trends




Unless tucked into a knee-high boot, the skinny jean doesn't serve much purpose according to the A/W runways. After Acne, Balmain, and denim specialists Diesel sent baggy, flowing jeans down the runway, the skinny jean became a distant memory. Even Kate Moss, patron saint of the skinny, managed to create a viral moment earlier this year, walking in Bottega Veneta's S/S 23 shoe in a pared-back boyfriend jean and flannel shirt. Could this signify the end of the spray on silhouette? Well, for now at least. 


New Winter Trends



Style Notes: And, breathe. We're no longer attempting to fit into unyielding denim, as the trouser trend we're happy to get behind this year is a looser, relaxed fit. Whether straight leg, flared, boyfriend, or barrel, the best jeans to buy now are roomier and comfier than ever. The perfect accompaniment to a baggy, oversized knit. 


As a dress devotee, I find it difficult to say this but, there is one style that you won't find in my wardrobe–the cut-out. While I can appreciate a keyhole neckline or a strategically placed slit on most other people, I've never found a cut-out dress that does anything for my body. The best thing about dresses is their easy wearability, and constantly readjusting and plucking at fabric in a bid to prevent indecent exposure does not make for a 




Style Notes: There's no chicer way to stay warm this winter than a ribbed knit dress. The perfect balance between a cosy wool knit and an elegant dress, that will take you from desk to dinner in one easy look. 


I like a walk down memory lane as much as the next person, but having made it out of the 2000s the first time without too much photographic proof of my experimental dressing, I'm quite keen to leave that particular era in the past. Yes, we had a great time listening to Britney Spears and slathering on enough body shimmer to rival J.Lo, but some of the decades key trends (crop tops, chain belts, and handkerchief hems) just don't factor into my current winter wardrobe. 




Style Notes: Currently on my outfit inpso moodboard? Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Ally McBeal, Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, and runway looks from Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein. The 90s proved that less means more when it comes to understated dressing, and this timeless trend won't age in the way that butterfly halter-necks and low slung jeans will (just ask The Row, Khaite, and Jil Sander).