Vogue Says to Count on It Girls Wearing These New "Ugly" Shoes

The new 'ugly' shoes: Camper Eckhaus Latta sandals


Collage Vintage 

When Vogue uses the words strange, weird, quirky, comfy, chic and offbeat to describe one shoe style, consider our attention held. The shoes that elicited such an eclectic mix of labels come courtesy of Spanish brand Camper, which is no stranger to high-end collaborations (see Rachel Comey and Gosha Rubchinskiy). Camper's latest collaboration is with Eckhaus Latta, an on-the-rise New York–based group that's undoubtedly made for cool kids.

As Vogue points out, the collaboration's first collection last season featured '70s-inspired knit boots. For spring, it continued with the knit theme and created chunky-soled (Camper's signature) ribbed-knit sandals in three colourways: black and navy; pink and orange; and an unexpected mix of lavender, yellow, tan and green. (You can see how Camper recommends styling them.) In the words of Vogue, "Count on seeing a lot of It girls in them this summer."

See and shop Camper's new spring collection with Eckhaus Latta below—they just might be the newest cool "ugly" sandals.

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