26 New Zara Finds You'll See a Lot of This Summer

People are always wearing Zara, no matter what the season, but there is something about the summer that brings a new level of awareness to just how much Zara everyone's wearing. From the swimsuits to the breezy dresses, Zara products tend to be strongest in the summer, and it shows. Remember that polka dot dress from a few years ago? With that being said, some of the most warm-weather-ready products just landed in the new arrivals section of the retailer, and with just one scroll, I thought to myself, I'm about to see these items everywhere.

Ahead, I rounded up the best new summer arrivals from Zara featuring everything I believe will be popular among shoppers everywhere. We've got the few swimsuits that have dropped so far, tiny tank tops, and of course, strappy sandals galore. Since it's technically still spring and we've got quite a few weeks ahead of us until the turn of the season actually comes, I am nothing short of thrilled to see what else the beloved retailer has in store for us in the coming months. 

Buy this now and wear it forever. 

The vibe of summer 2021 will be tracksuit shorts and oversized button-downs. 

Every summer there is that one Zara tank top everyone owns and this year, it's this bad boy. 

This dress is definitely about to be famous. 

This subtle tie-dye is so chic. 

Double the jewels, double the fun. 

A bikini that features everyone's favorite trends in one. 

A stunning knit dress you'll see in holiday pictures, on wedding guests, and more. 

Just one of the many Zara matching sets you're about to see everywhere. 

More bubblegum days are ahead. 

A subtle tie-dye we can get behind. 

Breezy bubblegum frocks will never stop being the vibe. 

What's summer without a new pair of Zara strappy sandals? 

For a more formal summer affair. 

These are so weird in all the right ways. 

Now this is what all summertime knits should look like. 

Everything about this outfit is perfect. 

Finally, an interesting flat sandal. 

Everyone loves a gingham dress in the summer. 

Ruched tops are always a good Zara choice. 

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